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Review: Hebo Zone 4, practical and light

Reviews and tests 10 February, 2016

We analyze...

The Hebo Zone 4 is a helmet that offers lightness, ventilation and a wide vision. The top trial brand renews its products with new features, so the best trial figures use its helmets, like Toni Bou, Adam Raga or Pol Tarrés.


The Hebo Zone 4 features an external fiber shell, a material very strong in an event of a fall and also very light. The helmet weights 950 grams. This shell is made in two different sizes, according to fit perfectly to each user. The internal EPS is made with three densities and is made also on two different sizes, to fit with the external shell.

General view of the Hebo Zone 4 helmet.


One of the most studied features on the new Hebo Zone 4 is the ventilation system. The helmet offers two air inlets in the frontal side and another two in the upper side of the shell. These orifices can be covered by two removable plastic pieces. The air extractors are placed in the rear area of the helmet. We have to highlight the orifices placed in the helmets’ sides that allow the sound to get in. So the rider can listen to his/her assistant or the bike’s engine, two very important details on the practice of trial.

Detail of the main air inlets of the Hebo Zone 4, which can be covered by two plastic pieces.


The interior padding has been made with different densities foam’s laminated. All is covered by hypoallergenic textile, named Coolmax, that offers freshness and comfort. These padding is totally washable and removable.

General view of the helmet’s interiors, with different densities for optimal ventilation.

Other details

The helmet’s visor is made of high resistance plastic named ABS and it is adjustable without removing any screw. If we want to remove the visor totally, we will have to remove the alluminium screws on three different places. The helmet’s closure is micrometric, it has double retention system for extra security and we can manipulate it with the gloves on.

Detail of the micrometric closure system of the Hebo Zone 4.

And for those who want a more light helmet, Hebo also produces the Hebo Zone 4 Carbon, with a carbon fiber shell, that weights 100 grams less than the Zone 4 standard.


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