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Review: HJC FG-70S, jet neo-vintage

Reviews and tests 4 September, 2017

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The HJC FG-70S is one of many jet helmets with vintage aesthetics but with the latest in safety technology that are coming to market. And HJC does it with a helmet that also stands out for its multifibre shell and inside.


HJC has wanted to add to the jet and custom market with this FG-70S, which comes with multiple decorations. We, for this video/article, have opted to show you the helmet that Luke Skywalker wore when he drove the X-Wing in Star Wars.

HJC FG-70SThe HJC FG-70S stands out by the advanced multi-fiber shell.

HJC is marketing helmets with graphs of characters of Star Wars, but also with superheroes of Marvel; all of them products with official license and that give a very original touch to our helmet.


Turning now to technical aspects, the FG-70S’s first strong point is its multi-fiber shell. Made with kevlar and fiberglass, it ensures high impact resistance. This contrasts with many other competitor jet helmets, which choose to use thermoplastic resin, less impact resistant.

HJC FG-70SWe can see in detail the Luke Skywalker graphics, one of the main characters in the Star Wars saga.

In addition, HJC has provided the FG-70S with a dual-density EPS to improve shock absorption, a feature more typical of full face helmets. It is clear that an integral helmet will always offer more complete protection but, undoubtedly, this HJC is very safe.


It is a jet helmet that incorporates a retractable sun visor. To lower it, we have tabs on each side. The sun visor offers UV protection. As a curious note the color is very similar to the original helmet of Luke Skywalker.

HJC FG-70SDetailed picture of the viewfinder of the HJC FG-70S, with the cam to lower it and upload it.

On the other hand, if we prefer to go with glasses, there is a leather strap at the back to fix them.

Interior, closure and details

The material used in the paddings is the Silvercool fabric. It is the same fabric used in the RPHA 11 and stands out as being antiseptic, breathable and with anti-color treatment.

HJC FG-70SThe interior foams are designed from the HJC RPHA 11, the most sporty helmet of the brand.

The distribution of the foam gives a sporty touch: they are fluffy, but there are spaces for ventilation and mesh fabric, which transpires better. All these quilts are removable. An imitation leather fiber rim finished tops the set, as well as a crown sewn at the edge of the helmet.

The closure is micrometric, quick and easy to use. In addition, there are three points of support in case we want to install a sun visor, although this is not included as standard.

HJC FG-70SThe micrometric closure makes it a practical helmet for everyday use.

Aesthetics of yesterday and technology of today

The jet custom market is in a great moment. And the HJC FG-70S adds to this trend with other models that also feature fiber shell and quality detail, such as Shoei J.O or the X-Lite X-201 Ultra Carbon. Not forgetting, in this case, the unique touch of wearing a rider helmet of the Rebel Alliance.


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