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Review: HJC FG-Jet, the light, sporty and vented open face helmet

Reviews and tests 13 June, 2016

We analyze...

The FG-Jet is a fiber-made jet helmet featuring aggressive lines and an advanced ventilation system, plus a screen that offers a very wide field of view and an integrated sun visor. All this makes the FG-Jet a versatile and comfortable helmet, ideal for city and commuting riding.

The shell of this helmet uses a combination of Kevlar and glass fiber, two materials that offer high resistance against possible impacts combined with low weight. The helmets lines are aggressive looking, because the helmet combines air intakes and exits with shell’s spoilers, as happens with most of HJC’s sports helmets. The overall weight of the FG-Jet is about 1,400 grams.

General view of the helmet.

Keeping in mind that a jet helmet always going to enjoy more ventilation than a full face helmet, the FG-Jet further maximizes the ventilation thanks to the adoption of the ACS technology. The main air entries of the system are found on the shell’s top front. The side can graduate in various positions, while the top has a mechanism is on/off type. Air extraction occurs through two exits in the back of the helmet.

Detail of the air inlets of the helmet.

The main screen is called HJ-17R and is a very wide screen which provides a great lateral field of view, a very important element when we move in urban environments. The screen features rounded edges and two knobs, offering high rigidity and allows us to scroll the screen up and down with gloves. The QuickSlide system allows us to remove the screen easily and without tools to make the FG-Jet a non-screem Jet helmet. Also, if you want, you can include a foil anti-fog Pinlock, although it does not come standard with the helmet.
As for the integrated sun visor, is called HJ-V7 and is activated by a cam found in the top of the shell. The display has three different positions and can be folded thanks to the button that is located just above this same mechanism.

The sunvisor’s mechansim is placed above the shell (left). Detail of the sunvisor (right).

The helmet’s innerl padding is designed to offer grip around the head and face plus optimum ventilation, especially at the top, where the padding gives way to wide openings for greater air channeling trought the EPS. All paddings are removable and washable.
Other details
The fastener is micrometric, easy to adjust and manipulate, while the helmet’s bottom is finished with three different materials, so no dirt or water can get inside.

The helmet includes a micrometric closure left). View of the helmet’s padding (right).

The FG-Jet has all the technology of a helmet in a helmet Jet. It is also one of the helmets with more ventilation, which offers a very wide field either with or without a screen and the always welcome sun visor integrated the helmet. All this at a price very content.



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