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Review: HJC RPHA Max Evo, the fiber convertible helmet

Reviews and tests 8 March, 2015

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The HJC RPHA Max Evo is a helmet that is included in the premium category of fiber convertible helmets. It combines a great resistance and a light weight, and also gives a great comfort and an optimal ventilation.


The shell of the HJC RPHA Max Evo has been made with carbon fiber, aramids fiber and fiberglass. This mixing is called Premium Integrated Matrix (PIM) and its main features are a great resistance against impacts and a lighty weight -1.500 grams-.

This HJC has been designed with three different shell sizes, to adapt perfectly to the market sizes.

The Max Evo has a spoiler that begins in the front of the shell, where we find an air inlet. This spoiler lenghtens to the visors mechanism (in the upper of the shell) and it ends in the back of the shell, where we find two orifices as air outlets.

If we move to the chinguard, we will find a button in the lower part. This button allows to raise the chgin up. To close it, we have to push down the chin until hearing the “click” that will lock the chin on the full face helmet position.

The visor offers a great field of view. The Max Evo features the security system that prevents the visor to raise up accidentally. That means we will raise the visor by pushing the button placed on the chin. This system is called One Touch. The HJC RPHA Max Evo also features the anti moisture Pinlock Maxvision.

To take out the visor from the helmet, this HJC offers the easiest way to do it. This system is called RapidFire and just pushing two tabs we will find on the visors’ mechanism. By doing this, the visor will be out in just seconds. To insert it again, we will have to repeat the action backwards. The visor has UV resistance and antiscratches treatment. 

The sun visor is one of the main features of the HJC RPHA Max Evo. It is placed inside the internal shell and we can manipulate it through a spring mechanism we find on the upper of the shell. It has three different positions and the button we find there will hide the sun visor quickly. We can extract it easily without tools and it has been designed to allow enough space for users wearing glasses.


The HJC RPHA Max Evofeatures an advanced ventilation system called ACS, which diverts and evacuates the hot air from inside of the helmet.

The air intake are wide and easy to manipulate. One of them is placed in the chin and we can operate it (through an on-off system) with the gloves on. Its main objective is to divert the fresh air into the internal visors’ side. On the front of the shell we find another air entrance, that redirects the air through all the internal shell. Two orifices placed in the back of the shell will evacuate the air properly.


The helmet’s interiors use the system SilverCool, which provides to the padding an antibacterial and deodorant treatment, offering a great ventilation and an optimal touch. We also must highlight that the padding is narrow on the neck’s area, according to give an optimal isolation to the helmet’s inside. The padding adapts perfectly to the user physiognomy. All the padding are removable and washable.

We also find reflectant inserts in the external padding, for a greater vision, and a rubber finish according to avoid the water entrance in the interiors.

More details

The HJC RPHA Max Evo also incorporates a micrometric closure system that guarantees a simple and easy adjustment. We can also add a Bluetooth communication system, which is not included with the helmet.

This helmet has a warranty of five years.


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