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Review: Leatt GPX 5.5 Composite, innovation and Tech for the offroad

Reviews and tests 16 June, 2015

We analyze...

We are in front of the new helmet Leatt GPX 5.5 Composite, a very light helmet with the newest technology regarding protection and ventilation.


The external shell is made with fiber composite, which guarantees a great resistance against impacts and offering a very light weight. The aim is to get a minimum size and keeping a great protection. 

On its design, Leatt has looked for a minimum volume and weight, so the helmet helps to reduce the forces around the neck and the head. The inner shell, made of V-Foam has been injected in the external shell, so we have only one piece, offering maximum protection and a minimum volume. Its weight is 1200 grams approximately on the L size.

Another feature to mention is the Leatt Quattro Force Control System, that absorbs the energy in case of impact, and the G force produce as well and comes to our head. That is due to a five segments displacement of the V-Foam, that comes with different density.

Finally, there is the Turbines 360º system, placed between the internal shell and the padding. These eleven turbines reduce the rotational forces (between the 30 and 50%) in an event of an impact, reducing the risk of suffering a concussion.

The helmet has been designed for being weared with or without neck brace. According to this, the back area angle has been designed to offer a great movements range but avoiding those movements which can damage the racer. The Leatt GPX 5.5 Composite passes the UE and USA regulations and we can find it on six sizes (XS-S-M-L-XL and XXL).


The helmet’s ventilation is another main feature, so the Leatt must provide great ventilation to the racer and from the shell to the padding have been designed to offer the maximum ventilation and transpiration, even in the case of being stopped.

In order to get a constant air flow, the helmet presents four big ventilation areas, without EPS, that work as main air entries. This way, the air flows inside without creating drag, allowing optimal inner ventilation and perfect moisture evacuation.

Furthermore, they’re more air intakes situated in the lateral and low helmet zones and in the chin too. This one has a 3D mesh filter, fully removable and cleanable. To complete this ventilation pack exist an air intake in the upper glasses zone, between the gap for our goggles and the shell that channels the air into the EPS.
The Leatt GPX 5.5 visor features aerodynamic holes to reduce drag when riding at high speed. Furthermore, is removable and you can change its position if you need it.
The three holding bolts are design to, in case of frontal crash, allow the visor break off without hurting the rider and at the same time the bolts keep it on place. This way, the bolts can be take out using another bolt, without an extra tool, a pretty smart system. And it’s possible thanks to the Allen pattern engraved bolt system.



The inner features big openings in permanent contact with the EPS channels, thus improving inner ventilation for the GPX 5.5.

The fabrics used in the padding are made from Ergo Fit foam and Moisture Cool, both in separate layers: the first one allows a perfect helmet fitment and the second one is design to evacuate moisture and sweat.

The lateral padding has an emergency extraction system, with the possibility to regulate the pads thickness for a safer helmet extraction.

Other details

The helmet is compatible with any neck brace available in the market and has been design to include a hands free hydration backpack.

The main lines features space for the off-road gloves and a double buckle fastener, the only one allowed in racing.



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