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Review: LS2 CT2 Carbon, an affordable carbon helmet

Reviews and tests 24 May, 2015

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By 300 euros we can get a carbon helmet and with a sun visor integrated. This is how the LS2 CT2 Carbon introduces itself; a version that features the carbon as main element on its shell.


Carbon fibre made, the CT2 shell have an aggressive pattern line, designed to improve aerodynamic efficiency and better airflow along the outer lines. The CT2 Carbon has been homologated along the European ECE 22.05 norm and includes a double ring lock system, the safest.

The total weight is 1.400 grams, a positive valour if you think that includes the integrated sun visor thanks to the use of carbon fibre. The outer shell is available in two different sizes for better individual fitment and the CT2 is available from XXS to XXL sizes.


The CT2 Carbon visor is made from injected Lexan with scratch and UV protection treatment. The visor lock system needs no tools at all to remove the visor. In order to impede fog from ruining your vision, the CT2 Carbon includes the Pinlock system.

One of the highlights of the CT2 Carbon is the integrated sun visor. By pulling the left side situated lever the screen lows, covering all our vision angles. To remove it, push the red button next to the lever and the screen will be automatically upthrust thanks to the spring working system.


We find two air entries in the top frontal area and another in the chin, both of big dimensions. The air passes trough the canalised EPS, flowing inside the helmet and then to the lone big rear exit. Open or closing the entries and exits is fairly easy thanks to the covers’ smooth movement and you’ll have not problem at all even handling with thick winter gloves.


An important CT2 feature is the ‘Air Pump System’ that permits the modification of the cheeks pads by inflating them. By this way we can find an optimal fitment: it’s so easy as pressing the air pump situated on the inner chin zone and the pads will grow, pressing our cheeks. Push the other button and they will let down, returning to the standard position.

The padding is generous and the top features micro perforated fabric in order to increase the airflow coming from the EPS. All the pads have sanitized treatment and are fully removable and washable.

As usual in the LC2 products, this is a helmet with a very good price that includes a los of features common from higher top line helmets. If you’re looking for a sport-touring helmet with a great value for money, with the CT2 Carbon you can include carbon fibre in your wish list without being a luxury.



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