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Review: LS2 FF324 Metro Evo P/J, an adventure and modular motorcycle helmet

Reviews and tests 15 April, 2019

We analyze...

Analysis of the LS2 FF324 Metro Evo: modular Trail / Adventure helmet with double homologation, a solar visor, a large transparent screen with a pinlock included and many other features ... Discover the video analysis by Motocard.

We focus today on a Trail / Adventure helmet. You know, it’s all these helmets with a visor, a big screen, and even sometimes modular. Helmets are increasingly popular, designed for both On-road and off-road. Very, very versatile. If you have an Africa Twin, a Triumph Tiger, a BMW GS, a Yamaha Teneré or the XT1200Z, etc.

In fact, the leading helmet manufacturers, for example: Shoei, AGV, LS2, Scorpion or Schuberth have their Trail Adventure line. So we decided to analyze one of these helmets: the LS2 Metro FF324 Evo P / J, Trail / Adventure and modular helmet.

LS2 FF324 Metro Evo P / J, features

  • Outer shell made of KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy)
  • 3 sizes of cap
  • Weight: 1750 grams for a size XL
  • Solar visor, transparent screen and
  • Pinlock included Double approval P / J
  • Ventilation system: front air intakes (at the top and on the chin guard) and air outlets for good air circulation
  • Breathable, anti-bacterial, removable and washable interior is laser cut for excellent ergonomics
  • Micrometric closure with reinforced straps
  • Reflective elements
  • Pre-arrangement for installation of Linkin Ride Pal intercom (not included)
  • Price

LS2 FF324 Metro Evo P / J, reviews Motocard

LS2 FF324 Metro Evo P / J. They could have chosen an even longer name! I guess you already know, but the letters P / J refer to double registration. As I said before, we have a modular helmet here, so double homologation means that you can move both the chin guard open and closed.

What do we look for a Trail / Adventure helmet?

I remember that we speak of a helmet that allows us to be as much on the asphalt as for dirt roads. This is exactly what allows us this LS2 Metro Evo P / J which brings together the best of these two segments. Trail and flexible at a time. The opening of the chin strap is very easy to use, and offers a well integrated result once opened.

It is very important that this helmet is so versatile since most of these helmets are generally used more on the road than off road.

One of his strong points is versatility. Not only because it is a modular helmet, but also for its solar visor. Same, easy to operate. I imagine that I do not need to remind you that you can completely disassemble the screen to install off-road glasses. If you do, do not forget to lift the sun visor.

This LS2 FF324 is a helmet with a cap made of Kinetic Polymer Alloy, a combination of polymers offering better resistance than thermoplastic. A resistant and lightweight material for this type of helmet. Its weight is 1750 grams for a size XL.

Let’s go to the screen. Here we have a transparent Lexan screen with anti-scratch treatment and protection against UV rays. A MUST for a high-end mid-range headphones. Just like its quick extraction system without the need for tools. Not to mention that it has a Pinlock MaxVision, something nice!

Regarding the ventilation system. We have front air intakes (on the upper part and on the chinrest) and rear air outlets to ensure a good air flow. The air inlets can open and close, thanks to the filter, the air will pass but not the insects can not pass.

If there is one theme that comes up very often about a helmet, it is the soundproofing. Is it a silent helmet? It must be taken into account that the FF324 Metro Evo is a modular helmet and this type of helmet is generally more ventilated than a full face helmet. So, if you are looking for a particularly quiet headset, this helmet is certainly not yours. This helmet but also any trail adventure helmet since the visor can be a reason for disagreement. Each helmet has its strengths and a little less strong.

Moreover, speaking of the solar visor, know that we can leave without any problem. On the other hand, the interior is particularly comfortable, a basic appearance and essential for a trail helmet.

3 more details: the nose guard and the neck warmer are included, the micrometric closure has a reinforced strap and there are reflective panels on the neck to make us more visible.

Conclusion of the analysis

Finally, it should be remembered that you can install a Linkin Rider Pal intercom (which is not included). In conclusion, this LS2 Metro FF324 Evo P / J is an Adventure helmet to take into account, very versatile. A helmet that we could compare with the Scorpion ADX-1, with very similar characteristics.

This helmet is available in several different colors. Would you like a comparison of the best Trail / Adventure helmets? Leave us a comment below.


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