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Review: LS2 FF325 Strobe, a modular helmet at an incredible price

Reviews and tests 16 November, 2015

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The modular helmet LS2 FF325 Strobe is another example of how to create a helmet with good value for money. This helmet features a sunvisor integrated and an intercom system (both components not included in the helmet as standard).


The Shell of this LS2 has been made with KPA elements (Kinetic Polymer Alloy), the name that gives LS2 to the mix of policarbonates and thermoplastic resins, according to offer the proper rigidity in an event of a hit and also the flexibility to disperse correctly the energy created on an impact. The components are light and that means the helmet stops the scales in the 1.550 grams on the M size.

Side view of the LS2 FF325 Strobe helmet.

The shell has oval lines and its two different sizes, according to fit with the different sizes we can find in the market: from the XS to XXL sizes.

As mentioned above, the FF325 Strobe is a modular helmet. To raise the chin, we have to push the red button we will find placed at the bottom of the chin. We have to push the chin until hearing the “clack” that confirms us the right locking of the chin. To bring down this component, we have to push downwards until we hear the “clack” again that confirms the helmet is right locked in fullface mode .

The helmet allows the chin to raise up to convert the fullface helmet into a jet one.


The main visor of the Strobe is made with Lexan Policarbonate, a polymer very resistant to impacts and to offer vision with no deformations to our eyes. It features anti-scratch and anti UV treatments. The shield can be removed easily and without using any tool, as we can saw with the LS2 CT2 Carbon.

As many of nowadays helmets, the FF325 features a sunvisor included. We can activate it or hide it from a lever placed in the left side of the helmet.

The lever located on the left side of the helmet (right down) activates and hides the sunvisor.


We find two air entries in the top frontal area and another in the chin (this with three positions), both of big dimensions. The air passes trough the canalised EPS, flowing inside the helmet and then to the lone big rear exit. Open or closing the entries and exits is fairly easy thanks to the covers’ smooth movement and you’ll have not problem at all even handling with thick winter gloves.

Detail of the air entrances of the helmet (left and right up).


The padding is generous and the top features micro perforated fabric in order to increase the airflow coming from the EPS. All the pads have sanitized treatment and are fully removable and washable. We will also find a removable chin guard included on the helmet. There is also enough space for our glasses in case of driving with the glasses on.

Detail of the padding of the helmet (right down), the micrometric closure (right up) and general view of the interiors (left).

Closure and details

The closure of the helmet is micrometric and in the back of the helmet we find two reflective inserts. We can also add reflective stickers which come with the helmet as standard components.

The LS2 FF325 Strobe is a modular helmet focused both on urban and touring use and all this at a very good price, being an excellent helmet for a daily use.



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