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LS2 FF900 Valiant 2: the top seller motorcycle modular helmet is renewed

We analyze...

We analyse the new modular motorcycle helmet, a great novelty with a good quality-price ratio and dual homologation.

One of the best-selling modular motorcycle helmets is the LS2 Valiant, a helmet that is renewed with many novelties in order for it to continue being a top seller. Its full name: the LS2 FF900 Valiant II.

We’ll tell you all in our post.

LS2 Valiant 2 helmet, a great motorcycle helmet

Before we start we want to mention that the review of the first generation of the Valiant in our Spanish YouTube channel has around 700,000 visits. So this is a much sought after helmet. Why?

In first place because the segment of modular helmets is more popular now than ever as it is a very versatile helmet and, above all, very comfortable.

These helmets allow you to raise the chin bar, which allows you to not have to remove the helmet each time you fill up with petrol, or you have to run an errand.

In this case, the LS2 FF900 Valiant 2 of 2020 follows on with the good work of the first Valiant. This is a helmet with a shell made of a polymer alloy and with a chin bar set into the rear of the helmet, perfect for aerodynamics. One of the differentiating features of this helmet as regards its competitors. The opening system of the chin bar has been redesigned with a new mechanism that makes the new Valiant II smaller and lighter.

LS2 Valiant II with dual P/J homologation

And here comes another strong point: it has dual P/J homologation which allows you to legally circulate with the chin bar open.

Similarly, thanks to the material used, it has a very good quality-price ratio, suitable for the public at large. So these are, undoubtedly, some of the secrets of the success of the LS2 Valiant 2.

As regards the screen, this is a clear Lexan screen and has protection against Ultra-Violet rays and anti-scratch treatment. One of the features you’ll appreciate, just like the screen quick release mechanism: easy and tool less. With MaxVision Pinlock as standard.

Like most modular motorcycle helmets, it has an inner sun visor that is easily operated from the outside with gloves on.

With respect to the ventilation system, this is made up of two front air inlets that we can regulate (one on the upper part and the other on the chin bar), and of rear extractors to remove the hot air.

Another great feature that will make it a best-seller, just like the first generation, is its comfort. The inner padding has superb ergonomics, is very comfortable and we can remove it for washing.

Also, another thing that many users will appreciate is that the interior is devised for the use of prescription eyewear. And in this case, the LS2 Valiant 2 is. Thumbs up for the folk at LS2.

A couple of other details: it comes with a chin curtain as standard, it has a reflective element on the collar for greater visibility in low light and it has a micrometric closure, the most convenient and quick to use.

So, on with the conclusion.


This LS2 FF90 Valiant 2 modular helmet is a helmet that is going to sell like hot cakes as there are few manufacturers that can offer so much at a restrained price: a modular helmet with dual homologation, a good ventilation system, correct finishes, etc.

If that’s just what you’re looking for, then this helmet fulfils to perfection.



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  1. Earl Rawls

    The box contain everything from the YouTube channel . This is one smokin’ helmet . And I mean one bad ass helmet . ??????????????????