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Review: LS2 FF327 Challenger and its Carbon version ! Which one to choose ?

Reviews and tests 25 March, 2019

We analyze...

Helmet LS2 opinion and comparative! We analyze the LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon and the standard version, common features and differences. The LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon helmet is like a lightweight, durable, comfortable and cheap full face helmet! And the other LS2?

LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon helmet and the LS2 FF327 Challenger, two sports-touring helmets offering excellent value for money. Two motorcycle helmets offering sport and touring design, a great option for both short commutes and long weekend trips.

All the characteristics of these two helmets are analyzed and compared in great detail later.

Comparative LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon vs Standard

LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon on the left, and the LS2 FF327 Challenger Standard on the right

The LS2 FF327 Challenger and its carbon version have many common features. Among these characteristics, what are the differences between these two LS2 helmets:

LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon

LS2 FF327 Challenger

  • Material: carbon fiber cap
  • Material: cap made of 3 HPFC fibers
  • Closing: double-D chinstrap
  • Closing: micrometric jugular
  • Weight: 1274 grams for a size M
  • Weight: 1396 grams for a size M
  • Price: 350 € (prices are variable)
  • Price: 270 € (prices are variable)

The big difference is in the material used to make the outer shell. Nothing complicated, the LS2 FF327 Challenger “Carbon” is carbon as the name suggests, while the standard is multi-fiber, made concretely by 3 different types of fibers.

The most important for our safety is that the helmet is fiber.

For safety, the most important is that it is fiber, so here we can have total confidence as much for the LS2 carbon as the LS2 FF327 Challenger standard.

The LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon has a double-D chinstrap with a reinforced strap, which allows to enter circuit without problems. For the LS2 FF327 Challenger, however, it has a micrometric chinstrap, perhaps more practical for everyday use.

In this photo, we can see the micrometric jugular LS2 Challenger.

LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon, a lightweight motorcycle helmet

Let’s talk about weight. As you can imagine the Challenger Carbon is lighter, and weighs 100 grams less than the standard. It offers a total weight of 1274 grams while the other LS2 helmet weighs 1396 grams, the 2 in size M.

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Being below 1300 grams, the FF327 Challenger Carbon is one of the lightest helmets on the market.

LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon, a cheap carbon helmet?

The other difference to emphasize is the price. An important characteristic since the price is decisive for our decision. Here, the difference in price is explained by the difference in materials used. The LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon is more expensive, quite logical.

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The LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon is a full carbon fiber helmet offering excellent value for money.

More LS2 carbon helmets

Speaking of carbon helmets, the brand LS2 and competitive prices, know that not long ago we made a video to compare two helmets LS2 carbon fiber offering an excellent price, the FF313 Vortex ( a modular helmet) and the FF397 Vector C Pro (a full-face helmet).

Which LS2 carbon helmet to choose? FF313 Vortex or FF397 Vector C Pro?

LS2 FF327 Challenger Carbon and Standard helmet

Now that we have talked about its differences, let’s move on to the common features.

The LS2 Challenger is a fiber helmet, offering sunscreen and plenty of detail for touring.

What do we have under our eyes? All the necessary of a touring motorcycle helmet:

  • Transparent screen with anti-scratch treatment
  • Pinlock MaxVision anti-fog lens
  • The predisposition to install a tear-off
  • The closing system of the screen, to lift it press the button and then it down to the “click”, a quick and easy system. LS2 opts here for a system of closing of the screen which recall those of AGV and HJC.
  • The integrated sunscreen, a must for GT touring helmets
  • Ventilation system: an air inlet on the chin guard, a double inlet on the front (actuated with the on / off system), and two side entrances
  • The air outlet is at the rear and acts as a spoiler that will promote aerodynamics
  • Inner padding, mesh fabric areas that improve ventilation and help us stay cool, breathable fabric with anti-bacterial properties
  • Space available to install the Linkin Ride Pal intercom (which I remember, is not included)

Conclusion of the comparison

You now know all (or almost all) of these two helmets: the LS2 FF327 Challenger and its carbon version. Moreover, if there are things to add we would be very happy to know with your comments that you can leave below. And which one do you choose? Multi-fiber version or carbon version?

Finally, I would not forget to comment on a small detail that I liked. In both cases, know that the helmet comes with a really nice cover and a cushion of air to put the helmet.


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