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Review: LS2 Pioneer MX436, dual and sporty helmet

Reviews and tests 27 April, 2016

We analyze...

The LS2 Pioneer MX436 is the new dual helmet from the Chinese brand. It is an 'Adventure' helmet or dual sport, a kind of helmets with huge demand that combine all we need for riding both on road and track.


If we remove the clear shield of the helmet, most of us would say that we are in front of a 100% offroad helmet, only for MX or Enduro purposes. That fact gives us some clues about its usage: it is a helmet deigned to cover a really 50-50 dual purposes: road and track, more than other dual helmets on the market, designed more for the road use than the track. That is because the shell is nearly the same than its brother from offroad Fast MX437.

General view of the helmet, with the offroad visor and the shield installed.

The shell has been made with KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy), an alloy that looks for maximum lightness and optimal energy dispersal. The helmet weights around 1.250 grams, very nice weight for a helmet that includes a sunvisor on its inside. Its design is oval and presents an agressive line that looks for an optimal aerodynamics and also excellent ventilation. The internal EPS shell contains multiple layers for a better density.

General view of the helmet on its offroad version, with the shield removed, according to offer the space for MX goggles.


If we go to the helmet’s ventilation, we realise that there are two main air inlets in the front side of the shell and three air entrances in the breathguard, where only one has an on-off mechanism. The rest of inlets remain open, so we are in front a very ventilated and sporty helmet. In the rear we find three air outlets. The chin air inlet features a filter that will keep us safe from dust or mud. This filter is removable and washable.

Detail of the air intakes placed on the chinguard.


The shield of the Pionner MX436 helmet has been made with Polycarbonate, so it is resistant to the scratches and it also protects us from the UV rays. There is also an antifog treatment. To remove the shield, we will have to take out the screws from the sides. Without the shield we will be able to put off-road goggles (not included with the helmet).

Detail of the shield’s mechanism, as the union point of the offroad visor and the clear shield.

The LS2 Pionner MX436 features a sunvisor integrated. It offers UV protection and its mechanism is placed on the lowest area of the left side of the shell.

The helmet features sunvisor integrated (left). Detail of the sunvisor’s mechanism (right).


The interiors feature a microperforated and breathable textile, with padding areas for a better comfort in critical areas. The padding is removable and washable and it helps to prevent the humidity. There is also an Emergency Quick Release System, indicated thanks to the words “Pull”.

View of the helmet’s interiors, with the padding’s emergency release system, marked with the word “Pull” (left).

Closure and details

The closure is a micrometric system with metallic buckle. The basis of the helmet features leather finishes and 3D padding areas according to provide ventilation and protection from the external water and temperature.

Summarising, the LS2 has taken a very aggressive way when creating this helmet. We can say we are in front a really 50%-50% dual helmet, with a very competitive price.


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