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Review: Nolan N-44, a different helmet for every day

Reviews and tests 12 April, 2015

We analyze...

The successor of the N-43 E Air, the Nolan N-44 features a new ventilation system and a re-designed lines. It is a helmet that offers up to six different configurations, thanks to a removable chin and visors. Let's analyze its details.


El Nolan N-44 is a polycarbonate helmet, which means that its weight is more than other fiber helmets, but this helps the N-44 to do not traspass the 300 euros frontier. Another main characteristic is the option of remove its chin bar, so we can talk about a convertible helmet that can be used on many different environments. We will remove the chin bar if we push two buttons placed up the chin at the same time and pressing to the outside. To insert it, we will have to re-do the action just at the opposite.  

General view of the helmet on its fullface version, with the chin and the visor integrated.

Design and ventilation

As main features, we find that the Nolan has an elongated design and a new ventilation system. There is a new air inlet placed on the visor, just in the chin area with a three positions mechanism. That provides a good ventilation against the mist on the visor. There is also a main air inlet in the upper shell with a three positions mechanism. We also find on its sides two accelerators, which provide a greater air replacement on the helmet’s interior. The hot air finds the outlet in the back of the shell, just in the spoiler’s area.

Detail of the main air inlet, with two accelerators, for an optimal renovation of the air.


If we take a look to the N-44’s visor, we will notice that it offers different combinations on the helmet and this is what makes this helmet original. This visor allows four different positions to adapt better to the every moment needs (closed, mid-closed, opened and full-opened). This visor has anti-scratches treatment, offers a great field of vision and is wider enough to resist the opening and closing movements. The visor’s mechanism allows us to remove the visor easily and without any tool. This is very important according to replace the visor for the external sunvisor, another element that we can find as included helmet accessories.

With the removable chin, the main visor and the external sunvisor, the Nolan N-44 features up to six different configurations.

The external sunvisor and the visor cannot be installed together, as are independent elements.

If we go to the integrated VPS sunvisor, we will note that there is on the left side of the helmet a mechanism to activate it and a button just behind the mechanism that makes it disappear easily and quickly. This sunvisor can be activated with both visors, allowing to the helmet more and different configurations.

Detail of the integrated VPS sunvisor of the Nolan N-44.


The Nolan N-44 has its interiors made with an antiallergic textile and it is completely removable and washable. We have to take into account that the padding is made in one piece.

Other details

The helmet’s closure system is micrometric and it calls Microlock2, which has a double retention system, for more safety. The Nolan N-44 has been also designed for a communication system’s integration: the N-Com B4 Plus or the N-Com B1 in its specific version will fit perfectly on this helmet). The communication system is not included with the helmet.

Detail of the sunvisors’ mechanism and the place where we can integrate an intercom system.

Summarising, the Nolan N-44 is a helmet designed both for a daily use and for long journeys, where the weather can change suddenly and it is needed a versatile helmet which can adapt itself to our different needs.



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