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Review: Nolan N-87, sporty and elegant

Reviews and tests 18 January, 2016

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We have the new Nolan full-face helmet: the N87, an evolution of the N86, a helmet that is characterized by its sporty -and at the same time elegant- design which incorpores technical innovations towards an optimal ride comfort, such as an integrated sun visor and a fully redesigned inner padding.

With two different outer shell sizes, the Nolan N87 features compact lines, slightly angular and very functional. The N87 shell it’s made from polycarbonate, a material that gives a great resistance to the helmets to any possible hits.

Nolan N-87 general view closed (left) and open with the sun visor down (right).

The helmet ventilation system incorporates two air intakes on shell’s front top while on the chin’s area there’s a third air intake, which will help us to prevent a foggy screen. All air intakes feature an on/oof type opening system. Warm air is exhausted through the outlet, located in the rear spoiler.

Upper air intake close up (left) and rear spoiler  general view (right).

Helmet’s screen comes with mounted Pinlock anti-fog film system. This film is removable and prevents the appearance of condensation on the inside of the screen. A rubber crown skirting all the of viewing space perimeter ensures optimal thermal and acoustic insulation.
One important innovation of the Nolan N-87 is the screen’s drive mechanism, which allows it to be positioned according to the needs of each moment. We have had up to six different positions. Also, the helmet includes a locking mechanism that secures the screen.
As for the sun visor, the N87 has integrated, is driven by a cam mechanism found in the left screen. Its operation is reversed, so that when the cam accionemos down the sun visor will be hidden, whereas if we activate the cam up, the sun visor lowered. The great feature of this mechanism is that, as with the screen, the sun visor also provides six different to suit the needs of each time positions.

Here we can see the sun visor’s lever (signaled by the red circle) and an overall view of visor system.

The mechanism of the screen also allows us to dismount the screen easily, quickly and without tools.
In the inner padding there’re three different materials that provide optimal ride comfort. On the one hand, we found that the cheeks or lateral padding feature a smooth finish, offering a nice touch.
The top padding is a combination of two differnte micro-perforated fabrics, optimized for helmet ventilation. The Climate Comfort technology found in this padding ensures optimal evacuation of hot air and constant replacement by air from the ventilation system of the helmet, keeping the inside dry and ventilated at all times.

Chin curtain view (upper right) and close up on the combination of microperforated leather and textile of the inner fabrics (lower right).

Other details
The Nolan N87 includes breath deflector (or cover-nose) and chin guard as standard accesoires -both are removable-. In inner padding we found a space prepared to offer the necessary comfort for users who lead with glasses. We must also mention the plastic crown that sits on the bottom perimeter of the N-87, which prevents the entry of water inside in case of rain. The helmet has micrometric fastener and has also been designed to incorporate an intercom system; in this case Nolan’s own N-Com system.

The Nolan N87 features a micrometric type fastener.


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