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Review: Nolan N104 Evo, the most practical convertible helmet

Reviews and tests 29 July, 2015

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The Nolan N-104 Evo is the latest version of the Italian brand's convertible helmets and a step forward with respect to the N-104. The experience of Nolan in that segment is reflected in a very versatile helmet, that includes many details that assure comfort on long journeys as well as practicality for daily use.


The external shell is made of Lexan injected Polycarbonate. This material is a much more resistant compound than other similar resins, especially in case of impact at high speed. The total weight of the helmet is 1,650 grams, affordable if we take into account that we are in dealing with a convertible, touring helmet.

The closing system on the chin is the exclusive Nolan Dual Action. To operate it, pull out the tab on the base of the chin guard. Then, a second tab appears and by pressing both we can raise the chin guard, leaving it in the Jet mode. Once opened, and for extra security, there is a button placed on the left side that will fix the chin guard in the Jet mode. The rotation mechanism of the chin guard is different from other convertible helmets. There is no a complete elliptical movement but is a system patented by Nolan, through which the system places the chin guard in a position with less air-resistance, allowing better aerodynamics and avoiding the lifting effect. 

And now that we are talking about aerodynamics, this aspect is well resolved by Nolan: the N-104 Evo features very studied lines to reduce turbulences and internal noise. On the other hand, on the outside of the helmet we find neutral and refined lines that confirm its 100% Italian design. Another detail is the presence of reflective material on the front and back of the helmet, for better visibility.


The N-104 Evo features AirBooster technology, which optimizes the helmet’s ventilation and controls the internal temperature, a very important point when we are talking about long journeys.

This technology gets the air in the inlets and channels it towards the central area. This channel is formed by microperforated ducts, whose aim is to distribute the air uniformly throughout the inside. The two outlets placed in the back of the helmet renew the air thanks to the Venturi effect. There is another air inlet placed on the chin, designed to avoid fogging of the visor.

As we are taking about a touring and versatile helmet, all the opening and closure systems are very easy to use and we can manipulate them when riding, even with the winter gloves on.


The N-104 Evo is a helmet also designed for urban and daily use, and this is reflected in the visibility chapter; this helmet offers us a good range of view, and contributes positively to safer riding.

The visor incorporates the Pinlock system as standard, while the rubber contour assures an optimum isolation against wind and water, and also to avoid noise inside the helmet. The visor has anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment and is removable without tools. Actually, the visor’s mechanism is one of the easiest methods in the market: we only need to push a lever placed on both sides and press to take it out.

We mentioned the easy-to-use air inlets mechanisms and this concept is repeated in the integrated VPS sun visor (Vision Protection System). We can activate it via a lever placed on the left side of the chin. To remove it, just to push a button placed in the same area and the visor will hide automatically.


We find in the interior of the helmet a removable and washable padding, while its fabric is breathable and it features antibacterial treatment. The feel of the padding is soft and adapts perfectly to the user’s anatomy, even if they wear glasses.

The micrometric Microlock2 closure includes a double lever: only if we pull both levers we will be able to open the closure system, avoiding opening it accidentally. 

Finally, an important detail for the touring users is that the N-104 Evo is prepared for incorporating, as an option, the N-Com B4 and N-Com B5 communication system.


With the new N-104 Evo, Nolan offers a very dynamic and versatile convertible helmet, capable of offering its best performances in different situations and with many details designed to offer us an easier ride. With clean lines and an intelligent design, this Nolan has 5 years of warranty.


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