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Nolan N21 and N21 Visor, modern open face helmet, old school look

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The Nolan N21 and the N21 Visor are two open face helmets with a classic design but with all the advantages from a modern one, like an integrated sun visor or the intercom readiness, that will delight the vintage enthusiast, either riding scooters in the city or touring on cafe racers and customs bikes.


Both helmets present minor design and materials differences, as they’re made form polycarbonate fibber. The main difference is that the N21 Visor has, as his name says, a clear visor plus the integrated sun visor, meanwhile the N21 only have the latter. This way, Nolan offers us the same product with two different options.

Nolan N21 Nolan N21 VisorAs one can see, both helmets are identical except for the visor.

There’s a weight variation between the two models: 950 grams for the N21 and 1120 grams for the N21 Visor, the latter being more heavy due the visor attached in it.


Nolan bring us one of the widest colour and decoration range in the entire open face market for the N21 and N21 Visor, with designs going from plain colours to 50s style café racers decorations. So we can find different design families: Assom, Duetto and Classic for the

N21 Visor

and Lario, Banner, Caribe, Durango and Classic in the N21.

Nolan N21 Scratched ChromeThis ‘Scratched Chrome’ colour is one of the multiple innovative decos that Nolan offers in all the N21 range.

But this doesn’t stops here. Both helmets have other details, like the old style Nolan logo, the possibility to change the sunscreen trim (a plastic edge with fastenings elements) and, in some models, the colour of the sun screen (Dark Green or Light Blue).


As we say before, in contrast with the standard N21, the N21 Visor has a visor. And its a wide one, offering a perfect lateral view, something quite useful while riding in the city, the usual ‘hunting ground’ for the open face helmets. In both laterals we’ll find the fastening system: a side plate removable by pulling the outer end outwards. Then we’ll have access to the clip sustaining the visor. It’s a simply and easy system, not requiring tools at all.

Nolan N21 Visor Duet White OrangeThe visor and the VPS make the N21 Visor a versatile open face helmet.

In both helmets we fin an integrated sunvisor with scratch-resistant treatment, called Visor Protection System by Nolan. The only difference between both VPS it’s that the N21 Visor has a side puller slider mechanism for the screen removal and in the standard N21 you have to pull it manually.


In this review, the two helmets used have different inner padding. The N21 have microperforated side pads combined with a more classic padding in the top zone, while the N21 Visor have more microperforated zones with ventilation holes for a perfect air flow coming from the EPS, making a more summer oriented padding. But Nolan allows us to obtain the latter more ventilated padding for the standard N21 if we desire.

Nolan N21 VisorThe vented padding is available in both models.

The really important point is that both padding options have ‘Clima Confort’ design. This is a fabric developed by Nolan capable to control the inner temperature in a stable level. Also both padding are totally removable and washables.


A microlock buckle stands as the main helmet retention system, with padding in the chin strip to avoid unnecessary skin rubbing. Also we’ll find a lock ring in this chin strip in order to fasten the helmet to the bike.

With both N21 and N21 Visor you’ll have all the associated Nolan advantages, like the possibility to install the Nolan N-Com Multi intercom and a five-year guarantee.

Nolan N21Lock system, use of leather, seams…detail that make the N21 a top open face helmet.

In short, Nolan offers us a new proposal in the open face helmets market, with a high quality product combining top end characteristics typical form the full face helmets and a 100% Italian design.



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  1. Bill Ferg

    I’m interested in the N21 scratched chrome does this get a lot of wind noise inside ? How do I buy this helmet ?

    • Motocard


      It is a versatile and complete helmet. the noise depends on many external factors but the padding of this helmet facilitates less noise.

      You can buy the caxo through our website. If you need more help we help you in the process.