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Review: Nolan N44 Evo, the renovated multipurpose helmet

Reviews and tests 1 February, 2016

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The Nolan N44 Evo is, as the name suggests, an evolution of the N44 which has been completely redesigned inside, leaving their particular exterior design unchanged. Thus, the Nolan N44 Evo remains a multipurpose modular helmet, thanks to its special removable chin guard and large hood but now being even more comfortable running.

Design and materials

The Nolan N44 Evo retains the original N44 design philosophy, is a modular helmet but with a particularity: it has a removable chin. That means that we can get up to six different configurations from this helmet. So, we can define it as a modular helmet with removable chin instead of folding one and this makes the segment of other competitors and even its own brand for its uniqueness in design.
So, we have a helmet with a particularly large visor, which we can draw the chin and make it like a Jet type. The chin is extracted easily and quickly thanks to two pivots found on either side of the part top of it. And in this ‘jet setting’, we can also choose to remove the screen and even mount a sun visor which Nolan includes with the purchase of the N44 Evo. All these configurations and options make several helmets in one.

Nolan N44 Evo different configurations.

The N44 Evo has a polycarbonate shell which ensures an affordable price and low weight. In fact, for a helmet with integrated sun visor, it’s lightweight: if we opt for the jet configuration, the weight is around 1,350 grams, while if we go with the full-face conf, the weight rises to 1,500 grams, both values for a size M.
The N44 Evo remains with the same ventilation system feature in the N44: we will find an upper air inlet, the principal one, plus two accelerators placed side by side; as the name suggests, both accelerate this process of renewal of air within the hull. Air extraction occurs in the output found in the back of the shell, using the helmet spoiler.

Air inlets close up.

Because of helmet’s particular construction, the chin’s air intake is located on the bottom of the screen helmet and has three opening positions.
The large screen provides a large field of view, much higher than any other conventional helmets and has a thickness as well as having anti-scratched treatment. This visor offers four different positions (closed, semi-closed, open and fully open) and full edge is topped by a crown of rubber that allows proper insulation.
The mechanism of the screen allows a quick removal without tools, something very important when you consider that anchor point serves both the screen and the visor. As for the integrated sun visor, it is driven by a cam find on the left side of the helmet shell, while thanks to the button located just below this cam, we can raise the display in a quickly and intuitive way.

The integrated sun visor (left) is lowered by a side cam situated on our left side (right).


Inside the helmet is where the improvement between the N44 and the new N44 Evo is more palpable: ‘Clima Comfort’ padding, common to other helmets Nolan, has been enhanced with higher density foams but with the same thickness and also with new fabrics outside. Now it is more breathable by using a larger surface with micro fibers, and provides a better grip. The fabric keeps the anti-allergy treatment and all the padding is fully removable and washable.

The inner padding has been redesigned searching for a better comfort and ventilation.

Cierres y detalles

The closure of the hull is micrometric. It is characterized by incorporating a double restraint on the close traditional micrometer. Another of the strengths of the N44 Evo is that we can install the intercom system N-Com brand, which although does not come standard with the helmet, it does have the pre-installation of the system.

In short, the Nolan N-44 is a helmet designed for both urban day-by-day as for those looking for a helmet that fits all climatic conditions in their weekend getaways thanks to its multiple configurations, making it a chameleonic product , able to adapt to the needs of the moment looking like a different helmet at each situation.


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