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Review: Schuberth C3 Pro, all the quality in a convertible helmet

Reviews and tests 22 February, 2015

We analyze...

The German brand introduces the C3 Pro, a helmet that owns to the premium group of convertible helmets of fiber. Schuberth calls it as "the most sportive convertible helmet ever made" and in this article we will discover all its details and features.


There is no doubt that the helmet provides a very clean lines in the outer shell, the only thing to consider is a small spoiler that works as air inlets. With improved aerodynamics and design on the wind tunnel, the helmet assures that its interior noise levels will not exceed the 82 decibels, driving at a speed of 100 Km/h. That means we are in front of one of the most silent convertible helmets of the market.7
The outer shell is made of STRONG fiber, a material that combines fibers and resins compressed to get a maximum strenght and a low weight. This helmet on the S size weights 1,570 grams.  
Overview comparison between the Schuberth C3 (white) and C3 Pro (Black Matt).
The C3 Pro has an air inlet of two pipes at the top front of the shell and another entry placed in the chin of the helmet. The air entering the upper entrance is channeled through the inner shell in EPS and finds the exit on the back of the helmet. The opening mechanism is through a three tab positions (open, mid-open and closed) and can be easily manipulated with gloves.
The chin’s air inlet uses a very easy mechanism to open and close it. Assures a correct mixing of oxygen in the helmet’s interiors and a proper ventilation for the visor.
Detail of the two air inlets of the helmet, with opening mechanisms easily to manipulate.
The C3 Pro features the SV-1 screen, which incorporates an anti-fog Pinlock, that comes with the helmet. The visor offers a large field of vision and incorporates aerodynamic triangles on its upside called turbulators. The presence of these turbulators improves the aerodynamic efficiency when the helmet is on Jet position. This screen is easily removable thanks to the EasyChange system, allowing us to remove it without tools and easily.
The other great feature of the Schuberth C3 Pro is the integrated sun visor. It is placed into the front side of the shell and is driven by a guide  we will find at the left side of the helmet. The sun visor is made of polycarbonate and has anti-scratches treatment, while providing excellent  UV protection.
Under the “ComfortFit” concept, the inner pads Schuberth are equipped with Coolmax and Thermocool materials, whereby comfort and breathability of the whole is ensured. This also means that all the interiors have antiallergic and antibacterial treatment.
The liner is removable on cheeks and forehead and have the ability to offer more or less air flow from the ventilation system. There are two tabs on the upper side of the pads that we can double or not according to get more or less air flow. Another detail is the reflective finishes we find on the rear pads, so that increases our visibility and therefore our safety in low light situations.
General and detail of the helmet interiors, designed for an optimal comfort and breathability.
Closures and other details
The Schuberth C3 Pro has micrometric closure, with adjustable strap. In addition, the C3 Pro, like other helmets of the German mark, has the Anti-Roll-Off-System (AROS). It is a secure mechanism formed by inner straps that are tied to the straps of the main closure, preventing the helmet from hitting us on the chest area in case of accident, or at least, minimizing its consequences.
The C3 Pro incorporates a pre-installation of intercom SRC-System C3 Pro, a device equipped with two antennas for an optimal reception of sound and also allowing communication between rider and passenger thanks to its Bluetooth connection. Although this device is not standard with the helmet, that pre-installation makes very easy the device’s installation if we buy one.



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