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Review: Schuberth E1, modular and adventure helmet

Reviews and tests 11 April, 2016

We analyze...

On the basis of C3 Pro, the German brand goes a step further and presents the Schuberth E1, the Adventure/dual sport version of the C3 Pro. Is a more versatile, modular structure and features also integrated sun visor. Schuberth has been able to maintain the values of comfort and isolation to the brand's usual high quality levels.

The two key features of this new helmet are the adventure type visor and the possibility of lifting the chin, common to any modular helmet. The visor is easily removable thanks to the screen’s mechanism and has several positions as required by the pivots found on the visor’s side. If we dismount the mudguard, we found that the helmet’s desing is similar to the mentioned C3 Pro, while if we quit the screen, the helmet allows us to use off-road goggles as is common on dual sports helmets. In order to ride at highway speeds with the mucdguard, it feature large aerodynamic holes in the top.

Schuberth E1 general view, with the chin bar on closed position and the ‘Adventure’ mudguard on.

We can raise the chin bar if we press the frontal red button and push up with the hand, with the particularity that the adventure visor moves along the chin bar on its way up. When the chin is lowered again, the visor also returns to its initial position.
Schuberth E1 Helmet in jet position; that is, with the chin completely raised. The visor adapts to the chin bar’s movement to prevent contact.
Schuberth E1’s ventilation is 60% higher compared with C3 Pro. And this is partly thanks to the new and wide air intake found in the chin. The opening and closing mechanism is on-off type and features a removable and washable filter to prevent the entry of mud and dust. All other inputs and outputs of the ventilation system are the same as in the C3 Pro: entry into the chin to prevent condensation on the screen and two main entrances in the frontal area of ​​the shell.

The chin bar feature a forntal air intake ‘off-road’ style that contains an air filter to prevent mud and dust from entry.

Schuberth E1’s screen is the same that equips the C3 Pro. Incorporates vortices in the upper zone, which minimizes air whistles when the screen is lifted. The field of view is generous and the adventure mudguard don’t reduce our vision at all. With the screen comes the anti-fog Pinlock film series and the screen can be lifted and folded by the projections found on either side at the bottom of the helmet.
As for the integrated sun visor, is driven by the cam at the bottom left zone of the helmet, easily handle on and wearing gloves.

Integrated solar visor close up view (left), it can be raisen or lowered by cam in the lower left zone (right).

Fully redesigned, the inner padding offers the same comfort as a touring helmet, but they have several microperforated areas that will help evacuate sweat more easily. The helmet holds the CoolMax fabric padding, while maximizing ventilation thanks to the high air channels. Outside there is a rough finish for greater resistance to water and dirt or dusty surfaces. All inner padding are removable and washable.

Close up of the rugged finish on the outter zone of the padding, where reflective zones are featured.

Other details
The Schuberth E1 has reflective inserts on the outer zone of the padding and the removable chin-covering. And although the screen is the same as the C3 Pro, the viewer Adventure is not compatible with this helmet. The Schuberth E1 fastener is micrometric.

Vista general del acolchado del casco (izquierda) y detalle del sistema de cierre micrométrico (derecha).

The Schuberth E1 is a helmet that increases the versatility of the C3 Pro, a helmet that is comfortable both in tourism and tourism-sport road, highway and urban sections and even breaks unpaved roads thanks to this renovated dual sport and adventure DNI.



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