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Review: Schuberth M1, the open face helmet of the future

Reviews and tests 26 October, 2014

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After establishing themselves as a pioneer brand for safety and innovation of full face and modular helmets, Schuberth takes one step beyond, and, in a few months, will start to market a 100% urban helmet, the Metropolitan 1 or M1.

Schuberth’s Metropolitan 1 is a helmet that incorporates the latest technology in safety and communication as well as a studied look, which will be the delight of those who want a helmet capable of enhancing our personality and style whilst riding the bike. Without a doubt we find ourselves before one of the most innovative open face helmets on the market, as Schubert has applied all the technology of the German brand in the touring helmet segment and introduced it into the jet helmet family, the result being this open face type helmet.

Shell and ventilation

This new product aims at the concept of a helmet ideal for urban use. With a lightweight outer shell and a ventilation system consisting of air inlets and outlets finished in titanium, the contained weight of the whole is very notable. This makes it very convenient for our continuous trips of our day to day around town.

As regards ventilation of the helmet, the air inlets are on the upper front part of the shell and incorporate a very practical opening and closing mechanism that can be operated with gloves on. The air flows through the inner shell and expels the hot air through the outlet on the rear of the shell.


The elegant and aerodynamic lines of the M1 provide ample vision. The visor, much wider than other open face helmets, provides an optimum field of view, very important when circulating around town. The screen is very thick, thus providing great resistance against wind pressure. It includes anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment, and the visor mechanism is equipped with the Quick Release system, allowing you to quickly remove the visor with out needing any tools. The M1 also has an integrated sun visor that we can operate, even with gloves on, thanks to the mechanism located on the lower left part of the helmet.

The helmet’s look has also been well studied, such that if we remove the outer visor, we’ll convert the Metropolitan 1 into a helmet with a very marked Retro look, Cafè Racer style.


As regards the M1 interiors, these are removable and washable and have been designed for optimum ventilation. In this section, we must highlight the A.R.O.S. strap system (Anti Roll-Off System), which avoids the helmet pivoting off from behind in the event of a fall.

Other features

And if this Schuberth M1 stands out for something, it is without a doubt its integrated communication system. With built-in speakers and microphone, we just have to couple the SRC system, designed by Cardo, in the back part of the helmet and we can automatically enjoy total communication whilst riding. Thus, we can talk on the phone, listen to the navigator or the radio or even communicate with other bikes via Bluetooth. Simple, easy and very convenient to use.

As regards the fastening system, the M1 incorporates the micrometric system, the most practical and convenient adjustment system for day to day use.

The Schuberth M1 open face helmet will be available at our online store very soon



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