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Review: Schuberth O1

Reviews and tests 8 January, 2018

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With a modern and elegant design, the new Schuberth O1 jet is reinvented and comes to the market as a perfect helmet to be used by city during your day to day, especially in summer and with good weather.


The shell of the O1 is made of fiberglass, so that your safety is more than guaranteed. The procedure followed for its manufacture is called Direct Fiber Processing (DFP), exclusive of Schuberth, and ensures optimal shock absorption with a really low weight.

Schuberth O1Image of the new Schuberth O1, with the fiberglass shell.

In fact, in size XS the O1 weighs only 1,100 grams.

In addition, the helmet is available in three sizes of shell and six sizes to adapt perfectly to each user.


As regards the design, the helmet presents an elegant and striking aesthetic, in addition to a sober image, in this case, with three monochromatic tones. In this way, the O1 is ideal to move around town at the controls of your scooter, for example to go from home to work.

Schuberth O1The helmet has an elegant aesthetics.

Helmet tests have been made in the wind tunnel of the brand and the results highlight that we are facing a light helmet that cuts the wind optimally, meeting the requirements in terms of aerodynamics and acoustic aero.


The comfort level inside is maximum thanks to a new concept of free seam lining. In addition, the padding, called ShinyTex, is very ergonomic and breathable, thanks in large part to the use of fewer padding elements. Of course it is also removable and washable.

Schuberth O1Image of the interior and the base of the helmet, designed for total comfort.

Closure and details

Despite being a jet helmet, the O1 has a double buckle closure, the safest on the market, demonstrating once again the security it aims to offer users.

Schuberth O1The new O1 equips a double buckle closure, the safest of the market.

The helmet does not have any type of viewfinder, so it can be complemented with some glasses, to the liking of each user.

In summary, the new O1 offers everything that is expected of a modern hi-tech jet helmet. Without neglecting the details that make it a helmet with class, our daily life on a motorcycle or scooter is more than protected with the new Schuberth helmet. The helmet, for all those who are interested, you have to know that it will begin to be commercialized as of the spring of this 2018.


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