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Review: Schuberth SR1, German sportivity

Reviews and tests 5 July, 2015

We analyze...

The Schuberth SR1 is the most premium helmet from the german manufacturer, aiming for racing and street use. Developed with the collaboration of Michael Schumacher, the SR1 have the great charesterics from any Schuberth: great aerodynamics, low noise level and well finished.

The SR1 shell is made from a combination of carbon and fibbers called S.T.R.O.N.G., making a hard compound matrix with fibreglass and an additional carbon layer. This offers both lightness and hardness, putting the weight in 1.350 grains for a M size.
The Schuberth SR1 feels very close-fitting thanks to the outer shell design and inner padding configuration that helps to impeding any undesired movement while riding and at the same time giving security and confidence.

Schuberth SR1 lateral and frontal view

Aerodynamics is one of the SR1 key points. Michael Schumacher collaborated in the design after his retirement form F1 racing. As Schuberth is strongly present in the maximum motorsports division, has used all his knowledge to make this helmet. And the result is very good: is a helmet very stable at high speeds and neutral dynamics. Thanks to the rear spoiler called ‘Spoiler D-Force’ you can have two main positions: a neutral or standard, optimal to ride in upright position, and a low position, optima for sporty riding or users of naked bikes. With this second position, you can have 60% more of downforce, thus impeding air from moving violently your head at high speeds.

Ventilation channels and rear spoiler close up.

The aerodynamics research also has been optimised in the helmet’s ventilation. The frontal part features two ‘on/off’ type intakes, which flow the air through the EPS and goes to the rear exit, situated under the spoiler.
In the chin there’s another air entree, ‘on/off’ type, just for clear the visor form humidity and fog and another one with a three position locking system that channelizes the air through the lower EPS zone.

[peuThe lower ventilation entries (left and top right) and the two main frontal intakes (down right).

The screen offers excelente field of view, even in the laterals, not distorting the image, beign one of the best out in the market. Closing system is on the lateral: first we must push it and then we can move the visor up or down. If we want to change the screen you only need to press the lateral button and it’s off, without any tool needed. Schuberth includes Pinlock anti fog for the screen but also adds breath guard and chin curtain to the pack.
The inner padding is at the same level quality form the rest of the helmet. It features a double Coolmax lining, an antibacterial and allergy free fabric and easily breathable. There’re microperforated zones all along the neck and frontal zone. The inner is removable and washable. The padding at the base of the helmet have an highly visibility paint treatment for night time.
Visor screen (left) and padding close up.
As we stated before, the inner design feel tight, so the pads press until adapt to your face, putting on a high level of grip. Overall this also means a good low air entry by the helmet base. 
Another important point is the N.R.S. system. It’s made form tow lateral entries that can balance the noise level coming to us. So, when open, we can hear the full noise of the engine and the air, excellent when riding at sport rythem or for track racing, but if close the system we’ll achieve 88db at 100km/h (60mph), a very good sound level for street and city riding.
The double D-ring is the main lock system, and the only homologated for track racing. Also the SR1 offers ‘Anti-Roll Off’ like in other Schuberth helmets, minimizing head frontal crash and pull off risk.

Inner padding (left) and Double D-ring (right).

Actually, the SR1 is not a very common helmet in the startines . Maybe Schuberth doesn’t have a strong racing presence but don’t get fooled: this helmet is between the best Premium helmets of the market, offering all the quality of a Schuberth helmet.

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