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Review: Schuberth SR2, sporty evolution

Reviews and tests 18 July, 2016

We analyze...

The Schuberth SR2 full-face helmet is the result of the constant evolution of the German brand in racing technology. With the SR2, Schuberth takes a step forward in refinement and sportiness started with the previous model, the SR1: developed for a 100% sporty use, this helmet will not disappoint profesionals races, track users and twisty roads lovers alike.

Construction and materials
The material used in the Schuberth SR2 shell is S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber, a material that combines fiberglass with an additional carbon layer. The result is a lightweight shell that has reduced its overall weight to 1,300 grams for an M size; taht means 50 grams less than the previous SR1. Schuberth still offers three different shell sizes within range of sizes (ranging from XS to XXL) for optimum fit of the helmet to your head.

Schuberth SR2 general view.

Outside, we can also appreciate a streamlined design with some details making it different from its predecessor. Now, the rear spoiler is fixed and on both sides, where before we found two air vents, now are tow small spoilers that increase directional stability. This new configuration has been perfected in the wind tunnel to minimize turbulences and avoid “sail effect” at high speeds.

Lateral spoiler close up, that helps improve helmets overall aerodynamics.

Schuberth SR2 ventilation has two main entrances with type “on/off” closure type. The air goes directly into the frontal area and find the exit in the two rear outputs located in the spoiler (which is perforated). In the chinbar there are two differnt types intakes: a conventional one at the top with an on-off closure and a lower one that haves a closing lever a located in the inside of the chinbar but easily to access even with gloves.

Air intakes close up, situated on the chin (left) and its the opening lever (right).

The SR2 has a completely new screen, which provides optimal optical quality and the screen hashas anti-fog Pinlock film already installed as standard. The screen’s also has tab-levers on right and left to raise and lower it, plus a safety lock that prevents the screen can boost accidentally. Also, there’s a rubber crown found in the perimeter of the viewing space, which ensures optimal insulation. The screen can be removed easily thanks to button system found on either side of the helmet shell.

Helmet’s visor totally open close up, we can apreciate the visors’ replacement system.

Interior and closures
Inside, the SR2 also it introduces new products: the main foams are still made in Coolmax, an antibacterial and anti-allergic material that easily transpirates. The big difference is in the fabrics used, now have greater microperforadas areas, both in the base of the helmet and neck and cheeks.
Also there’re changes in the arrangement of reflective inserts, now sittuated at padding base and formed by strip. The closure remains a Doble-D ring, the only allowed for use in track and racing. The Schuberth SR2 comes standard with a nosecover and a removable chinguard and has a 5 year warranty.

The helmet features Double-D ring (left) and reflective stripes in its base (right).

So, we are in front of the sportier of Schuberth helmets, which represents the maturity and experience of the brand inracing, a product of high standards that seeks to satisfy the sportiest users.


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