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Review: Shark Evo-One, high tech for maximum functionality

Reviews and tests 5 October, 2015

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The French helmet's brand is going to release its new nmodular helmet, called Evo-One. It is a Premium helmet, with higher performances than the Evoline family, bringing a multi-task and functional helmet. The new Evo-One offers aerodynamics, functionality and maximum security to the user thanks to its technological solutions.


The Evo-One helmet mantains the Evoline family components on its shell. We find the Polycarbonate Lexan, but now in a very compact shell. Actually, the Evo-One shell could be stored inside an Evoline shell! We have to highlight that the Evo-One mantains the enough space to place an intercom system Sharktooth (including the microphone on the chin) and, obviously, the sun visor integrated inside the shell.

The helmet’s chin can be raised, converting the Evo-One from a full face helmet to a Jet helmet. Thanks to an elliptical movement in the mechanism, the chin avoids the shell structure and it is placed on the rear area of the helmet.

Detail of the elliptical movement of the chin, which travels until locating on the rear area of the helmet (left).


The helmet’s visor has anti-scratch and anti-moisture systems. We can also add the Pinlock 100% Max Vision layer, that prevents the visor from moisture. This layer is included on the helmet. The isolation provided by the helmet is great thanks to a perimetric rubber band located around the vision orifice. If we move to the visor’s mechanism we will note that it’s elliptical. According to this, the chin and the visor movements do not coincide on their travel.

Different views of the helmet’s visor and the sun visor integrated.

The sun visor has anti-scratch treatment and now is a 23% bigger than the Evoline Series 3, offering more comfort when riding. The sun visor has been integrated perfectly in the general lines of the helmet, providing high vision, even if the user wears glasses. The sun visor is activated and deactivated through a mechanism placed in the upper side of the shell.

The sun visor’s mechanism is located on the upper area of the helmet (down right).

The advanced visor’s mechanism, patented by Shark, is new on the Evo-One, so it integrates at the same time the union of the chin and the visor. But the novelty is that, when we raise the chin, the visor automically also raises up, so both elements do not coincide on their movements. 

Detail of the chin and the helmet’s visor. Both elements do not coincide in their movements thanks to their elliptical movement.


The helmet has been designed to offer a great ventilation, even in the full face helmet position. We find a main entrance located in the chin with an “on-off” mechanism and two other air inlets in the upper front side of the shell, both with independent “on-off” mechanisms.

Detail of the helmets’ spoiler (left), the mechanism of an air inlet (right) and the air entrance located on the chin (down right).


We have to highlight the new Evo-One’s padding system. It has been designed to offer great comfort and adjustment. So, once we put on the helmet, we feel a complete adjustment feeling, even when the helmet is in Jet position. The padding textile offers great breathability, smooth and humidity absorption, keeping the padding completely dry.

Detail of the micrometric system (upper left), the different textiles of the helmet’s padding (down left) and general view of the padding (right).

The isolation on the Evo-One helmet has been revised and we will find a helmet with few noise on its interior. As a detail, we find the Kit Winter, an original solution to protect our chin from the wind or the cold outside. The Shark Evo-One helmet has five years of warranty.


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