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Review: SHARK Evoline Series3, vanguard and safety, hand in hand

Reviews and tests 19 May, 2014

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When you’re offered the SHARK Evoline Series3 and you hold it in your hands you can’t even begin to imagine all the functions this helmet can have.

Another helmet that has obtained the five stars of the SHARP safety test, which makes it one of the 320 safest helmets in the world. This fact becomes even more significant if we take into account that what we have before us is a modular helmet. The SHARK Evoline Series3 is a touring helmet that incorporates many functions, the aim of which is to give us maximum comfort on the go, as well as great safety.

The helmet, although heavier than a medium range sport-touring modular helmet, weighs in at 1750 grammes. A very studied and contained weight considering it is a helmet of this sector. We’re going to thresh out each of the functions of the Evoline Series3:

The shell

Made of TIS-Lexan injected thermoplastic resin, the Evoline shell has lines that optimise the aerodynamics of the helmet, apart from also notably insulating the user from external noise. The ventilation of the helmet uses a new system where the air that enters, through four front inlets-two on the chin guard and another two on the top-, circulate throughout the shell, reaching two outlets in the rear in the padding itself of the helmet. In this way there is no orifice on the rear of the helmet, whilst this new ventilation circuit ensures airflow all over the head’s surface, from the chin to the nape.

Chin guard and visor

The visor incorporates the new “auto-up” system, which allows it to be raised semi-automatically at the same time as the chin guard is raised. The helmet is homologated as a full face helmet, as well as with the chin guard raised; therefore it is legal to circulate with the two helmet modes indistinctly. Another point to highlight of the Evoline is the method for displacing the chin guard. In this model, the chin guard pivots on its two side fixing points-which also serve as fixing points for the visor-displacing it along the shell until it rests on the rearmost part of the helmet. This enormously helps the distribution of the weight in the jet helmet mode, as the variation in the weight distribution between the full face and the jet mode is hardly noticeable. This system we have just mentioned is what makes the Shark model a great step forward in the modular helmet sector.  The visor incorporates an anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment, as well as having a position where leaving a slit for ventilation is optimum and fast in the case of needing to rapidly clear condensation.

Another of the star components of the Evoline is the solar visor, an accessory already naturally integrated into the shell of the helmet and which in no way penalises its safety or integrity in the event of a knock. The solar visor is activated via operating a mechanism on the top part of the shell. Apart from being operable with gloves on, this mechanism can be operated whatever the position of the chin guard or the visor.


The interior of the Series3 has been significantly improved as regards its predecessors. On the one hand, the padding has been made in high quality fibres, providing a comfort plus, which is also removable and washable. On the other hand, the interior takes into account the possibility that the biker wears glasses and has incorporated a special pad that adapts to the glasses, improving the user’s comfort on the go.


The helmet’s fastening relies on the micrometric system, easy to open and close and operable with your gloves on.


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