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Review: Shark Evoline Series 3, an unique modular

Reviews and tests 31 October, 2016

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The Shark Evoline Series 3 is the third evolution of the Evoline saga, keeping its unique design philosphy. Thanks to its independent chinbar rising system, Shark offers us a helmet with a different look that is also very useful. 

Design and shell
The Shark Evoline Series 3 is a modular helmet with a particular chinbar design: the screen and the chinbar operate independently; allowing us to raise the chinbar up to the back of the shell, keeping the screen fixed.

Side view of the helmet with chinbar lowered (left) and rear view with the chinbar rised, like a jet helmet (right).

Therefore, we have a modular helmet with a chinbar that allows us to ride with the screen on, like a jet helmet. Aesthetically, the chinbar in the back gives it a unique touch but also has practical advantages: unlike the rest of the modulars, the weight of the chinbar in jet position keeps centered on the back of the helmet, avoiding swing movements typical of other modular helmets with the chinbar rised. The helmet is approved for riding in both full-face and jet mode.

The eliptic chinbar system allow to flip the chinbar over the visor and fix it in helmet’s rear zone.

Its shell is constructed TIS-injected resin Lexan, which has obtained 4 stars out of 5 on the SHARP test in its category. As its name suggests, it is the third evolution of the Evoline saga and has better finishes and details than their predecessors. This is reflected in a shell with a much more refined aerodynamic design helps make it a quieter helmet. The overall weight is 1700 grams for a size S.
Ventilation has been one of the enhanced in this version of Evoline points. We have two entry points, one on top and one on the chin. Both have a closure mechanism two-position on / off type. The air flows through the internal EPS and access to the interior through areas with mesh fabric padding.

Air entry lever (left) and sunvisor lever (right), all easily operable.

The helmet has a clear screen with special exterior treatment against scratches and fogging treatment on the inside. The particular design, the screen has a tab up and down on top. A silicone upper crown and a lower plastic hull improve insulation. The removal of the screen is done by pressing the triangular lateral pivots that are on either side of the hull in the mechanism of the screen.
The Evoline Series 3 also has integrated sun visor. Easy to abate thanks to the superior mechanism, this viewer also has anti-scratch treatment and is removable.

Shark Evoline Series 3 visor and sunvisor close up view.

Inside the Evoline it is quite comfortable, thanks to thick quilts and fluffy that reinforce their touring character. As we have mentioned, there are areas of grid for air circulation, but in general is combined with micro fabric flocked fabric. As usual in the Shark helmets, the Series 3 has room to circular glasses. The foams are removable and washable and one of the most successful points is the bottom of the pads, which form an independent foundation that protects but also improves the fit of the helmet on our neck.

Inner textile finish of the helmet’s padding (left) and overall profile of the helmet’s base and inner paddings.

The Shark Evoline Series3 represents the third evolution of a flip-up helmet that gives us a new concept in the segment of the folding helmets. Not surprisingly, it is one of the best selling helmets of the French brand, offering us comfort, aerodynamics and insulation affordable price helmet and suitable for day to day.


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