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Review: Shark Race-R Pro Lorenzo Monster, the new champion’s helmet!

Reviews and tests 6 June, 2016

We analyze...

As many fans will know, Jorge Lorenzo has changed his brand helmet choice for this 2016 season, choosing Shark as his new helmet provider. The French brand is already marketing its Race-R Pro model, the same used by Jorge and available with Lorenzo's graphics, but also worn by other top riders like Tom Sykes, Johann Zarco, Scott Redding or Sylvain Guintoli. So let's see in detail what offers us the sportiest Shark helmet.


The Race-R Pro is made with a combination of aramid and carbon fiber. The shell’s design presents a design that takes advantage of the arrangement and orientation of these fibers to create up to eight distinct absortion zones, such as happens in the chin area, which features a double density layer. The result is a lightweight helmet: 1,250 grams for a size M.

General view of the helmet.

Looking at the design, we found that Shark has created the Race-R Pro thinking in the high speeds experienced by professional riders at tracks. That’s the reason why we find an elaborate double blade spoiler on the back, which makes us win head stability when riding.


As a good sporty helmet, the Shark Race-R Pro features an advanced ventilation system: there are four air intake points, three in the upper front and another frontal one in the chin zone, all of them featuring on/off type fasteners. The one located in the chin has the particularity that comes standard fitted with a practical particle filter inside.

Detail of the three air inlets placed on the upper of the shell.

The Race Pro-R also has innner vents located right on the top of the visors gap. All the air flows through the EPS thanks to the air-channels that have nice large holes, which ensures complete ventilation, designed expressly for high intensity riding.


The screen of the Race-R Pro is called VZ100. It has a variable thickness design to avoid visual distortion and at the same gain in stiffness. The screen has antiscratchs treatment and is ready for the instalation of Tear-Off and anti-fog Pinlock. To remove the screen, just press down the two shafts situated on both sides of the screen and we can withdraw it easily.

Detail of the Shark Easy Fit system (left) and the helmets’ shield (right).

Interior and fasteners

In the innner zone we find a fabric with anti-allergy treatment, in addition to areas with neoprene, which offer greater elasticity in some zones, while a constant pressure perfectly clothes our face and head. All interiors are fully removable and washable. At the base of the helmet, Shark combines foam with elastic fabric and an adjustable chin piece making the Shark Race-R Por a helmet that closes nicely around our neck. We also found a nosecover installed as standard, while the fastener systema is a Double-D ring type with the particularity of a magnetic finish.

Detail of the padding on the neck’s area.

So, in resume, in the Race-R Pro we have a helmet where ventilation, aerodynamics and sportsmanship are top performers and nowis available with the graphics used by Jorge Lorenzo during this season.


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