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The Shark Skwal became almost three years ago in the first helmet with LED lights. Well, now comes the evolution of this successful model, with improvements in some aspects that are importants. Probably, the Skwal 2 will become in the next months in a true top sales.


The Shark Skwal 2, like its predecessor, is a sport-touring helmet with an aggressive aesthetic and a breaking spoiler. In fact, if we take a look at the helmet, the eyes quickly go to the rear spoiler. Its weight is around 1490 grams for a M size.

The shell is made of injected thermoplastic resin and has the European certification of conformity.

Shark Skwal 2The Shark Skwal 2 has a shell made of injected thermoplastic resin.

But undoubtedly the most significant of the new Skwal 2 are the LED lights scattered over several areas of the surface of the shell. These are strategically located to favor safety in low light or at night.

Unlike the Skwal that incorporates three LED lights, the Skwal 2 equips up to six integrated LED lights of new design: two in the upper front, two in the chin and two in the back.

Shark Skwal 2The Skwal 2 presents an aggressive and well-worked line.

The lights are activated by the button that is located in the lower left part of the padding. If we press the button once, the lights are activated in a fixed way; if we press it again they enter intermittent mode; if we press a third time, we turn off the system.

The battery that powers the LED light system is recharged by a USB cable that comes standard. To charge the lights in full we need about five hours, while the autonomy is five hours in fixed mode and 10 hours in intermittent mode.

Shark Skwal 2Unlike its predecessor, the new Skwal has up to six LED lights scattered around the helmet.


The helmet has an efficient ventilation system with frontal air inlets, in the upper area and in the chin guard, and an air extractor integrated in the rear part to offer an optimal cooling of the interior of the helmet.

The entire ventilation system has been designed by means of a simulation of digital flows to optimize it to the maximum.

Shark Skwal 2We can see the main air inlets in the front area above the screen and in the chin bar.

The spoiler that we referred to at the beginning has been redesigned and offers a high aerodynamic efficiency and greater stability when driving at high speeds.

Screen and sun visor

The screen has anti-scratch treatment and is marketed with a Pinlock MaxVision, the best on the market. In addition, it has the Autoseal System, so that it adheres to the helmet seal and provides greater isolation from outside noise. It can also be disassembled without the use of tools.

Shark Skwal 2On the left we see the cam that drives the solar viewfinder. On the right, detail of the integrated solar viewfinder.

The integrated solar visor also has anti-scratch treatment and offers protection against UV rays.

On the left side of the mechanism of the screen we find the cam that activates the solar viewfinder. It is operated quickly and intuitively, even with gloves on.


The interior padding offers total comfort and is completely removable and washable. The design of the sides has been optimized for those who wear glasses. It is a system patented by Shark called Easy Fit.

Shark Skwal 2Image where we can appreciate the interior of the Skwal 2, as well as the base of the helmet and the micrometric closure.

The base of the helmet is also redesigned, helping to improve aerodynamic performance.

Closure and details

The Skwal 2 has a very practical micrometric closure system. In addition, it incorporates standard cover and chin guard and is ready to install the Sharktooth communication system, although it is not included and must be purchased separately.

Shark Skwal 2Detail of the chin guard that the Skwal 2 equips as standard.

In short, the Skwal 2 is the evolution of Shark Skwal, the first integral helmet on the market equipped with LED technology. But now with a new integrated LED system to offer more light. Aggressive, incredibly versatile and perfectly balanced, this helmet stands out for its comfort and safety.


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  1. Inder pal singh sehgal

    Can we attach pack talk to this helmet

    • Motocard

      yes, you should not have problems installing the intercomunicadr.

      Anyway, keep in mind that the helmet does not have a specific space for it.

      A greeting.

  2. bry