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Review: Shark Skwal, first LED helmet

Reviews and tests 7 June, 2015

We analyze...

The Shark Skwal helmet is the first motorbike helmet with LED lights. But the most important thing is that the helmet mantainsan optimum level of finishes, isolating and protection; that means, all we can find in a Shark helmet.


The Shark Skwal is a helmet that combines touring components with sporty lines. First of all, we have to highlight the spoiler, that follows the design and aerodynamics very similar to the Speed-R, which has vertical lines. That offers a good aerodynamic at high speed.

The helmets’ shell has been made with thermoplastic injected resin and it has been homologated by the 22.05 UE policy.

Once we have introduced the helmet, we have to proceed to analyse the main feature of the Skwal, that means the LED lights inserted on it. We find LED panels in the front area (chin and frontal shell) and in the back (placed on the spoilers’ sides), so the lights can be seen from all the angles. There is a button which we can operate three different modes: if we push the button one time, the lights will be on; twice, the lights will turn in winking mode and the third time will turn off the lights. The button is placed in the lowest part of the shell, on the left side. 

The charging system is made through a mini USB cable we will find on the back of the padding. To get the battery fully charged, we will need up to five hours of charging. The autonomy is five hours with the lights on, or ten hours on blinking mode.


There are two main ventilation zones: a chin air entry in order to avoid condensation in our screen and a frontal intake, situated in the shell’s upper zone. This one moves the air through the inners EPS air channels, evacuating hot air and humidity from inside to the rear exit, which complements the ventilation sistem. This exit also acts as the aerodynamic helmet spoiler, improving air flow.


The Shark Skwal features a thick screen, which makes it very stiff compared to other screens that we can find in the market. Stiffness means thighness, aporting better performances at high speed and in adverse wheather situations. Furthermore, the Skwal includes a total closing position called ‘Autoseal’ that increases the overall thighness. The screen also allows a great field of view, specially in our latterals thanks to the wide shell desing. Shark includes the Pinlock 100% Maxvision system with the Skwal, the most advanced condensation-free system from Pinlock brand.

The Skwal features a screen easy freeing system, no tools needed at all if you want to change the visor. In our left we’ll find the cam that open and closes the integrated sunvisor: is easy to operate, even with winter gloves on. The sunvisor offer an excellent 100% UV protection.


The inner padding has been designed to offer a thigh fit around the neck, improving thighness thanks to a lesser air entry. This also means a less noisy helmet, an important point for Shark.

The padding is completely hand and machine washable, but always using cold water. The padding have been optimised for glasses users, thanks to the ‘Easyfit’ system and also it’s ready to incorporate an intercom, like the Sharktooth (not included). The fabrics have antibacterial treatment and allows for a great riding comfort and correct transpiration.

The Skwal’s locking system is micrometric type, with the MicroLock security system that impedes not desired movements or openings. The helmets includes breath guard, chin curtain and anti fog Pinlock.
So, we have here a helmet that aims to satisfy urban and sport-touring motorcycle users, not looking for track action. The Shark Skwal offers have a good comfort, aerodynamic and sealing in any type of bike; also include integrated sunscreen and great visibility thanks the the LED system.

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