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Review: Shark Spartan Carbon, aerodynamics go forward

Reviews and tests 27 June, 2016

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The Shark Spartan Carbon comes as Shark's big new release for 2016. A helmet halfway between sport and sport-tourism segment, stands out for being lightweight and aerodynamic, with a competitive price for a product that uses carbon fiber as one of its elements.

Shark has built a fiber shell where carbon and glass fiber are the two main ingredients, making it lightweight but also very resistant. For a size M, weight is around 1,290 grams, a light weight if we consider that it has an integrated sun visor. That is 100 grams less than the Speed-R Series 2 of the same brand. The shell is available in two different sizes for an optimal fit.

Shark Spartan Carbon lateral (left) and frontal view (right).

The design is clean but aggressive, thanks to the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics, a simulator of digital streams that optimizes the lines to make them more aerodynamic. That is why we find a characteristic spoiler formed by two rear “fins” and vortices in the area of the neck. Care in the aerodynamic section is such that Shark has created two specific screen mechanism covers, with a special surface called ‘shark skin’, which avoids the annoying hiss of air when riding at high speed.

Screen mechanism covers feature ‘Shark Skin’ finish (left). Inner padding details close up (right).

Two main entrances are responsible for making breathe inside the helmet: one at the top and one on the chin. Both are bigand feature an ‘on/of’ type closure. The air flowing through the helmet finds itsexit in the rear, with double exhaust located under the rear spoiler, with no possibility of regulation.

Chin air entry close up photo while remaining open.

Spartan Carbon’s screen has features common to other Shark, as the antiscratch surface treatment or the quick release mechanism. In addition, this helmet comes standard with the Pinlock Maxvision anti-fog sheet, the most effective of its range.
As mentioned above, the Spartan Carbon has an integrated sun visor. Its mechanism is located at the top of the shell; an sliding cam deploy this sunvisor out, covering all our viewing angle thank to its generous size.

Integrated sunvisor mechanism (left) is lowered by the way of the upper cam (right).

Interior and fastener
As for the padding, it fits very well all our head and part of our face. The base of helmet it’s characterized by a very narrow entrance that minimizes noise level. On the same basis, the foams are coated with a synthetic finish as protection against external elements, besides having two reflective panels on the neck. At the peak of the chin guard we find a very practical retractable chinguard which diverts air from our neck.

Once inside, the foams are removable and washable. The padding fabrics don’t have any microperforations at all, but there’s wide slots for air circulation in the upper zone. The lateral padding has space for insertion of glasses, plus space for the installation for Shark’s Sharktooth intercom. The closure system is confined to a Double D ring fastener.

The helmet offer a dedicated space for those helmets users who wear glasses.

The Shark Spartan Carbon is situated between the two sports helmets of the brand: the Race-R Pro, a 100% sporty helmet designed for competition and Speed-R Series 2, a sport-touring helmet, that although it has an aerodynamic studied for a wide range of motorcycles and highway riding too it doesn’t feature the inner noise insulation and confort levels of the brand new Spartan Carbon.


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