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Review: SHARK Speed-R Series 2, sporty and versatile

Reviews and tests 15 February, 2015

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The Shark Speed-R Series 2 is a sporty helmet's family that are placed just behind the most sporty ones, the Race-R. This helmet has both sporty genes and also touristic elements, designed for an optimum riding comfort.

The Shark Speed-R Series 2 is a helmet that unifies the best of three different segments: sport, touring and urban. This product combines a sporty design, adopted from the most sportive helmets from Shark, the Race-R. But if we have a look to the details, we will note that the comfort and versatility are the main purposes of this helmet.


As we mentioned, the sporty lines of the helmet gives to it a great aerodynamics. And these are not only designed for racing bikes, but the unfaired ones, like the naked segment. As we know, this kind of bikes offers more resistance to the air and this aspect is also studied on the Speed-R. After the chin, its lines tends to loose its verticality according to offer less aerodynamics resistance and as we can see, the helmet offers great solutions to this.

In the back of the helmet, we find that there is a spoiler that offers a double Venturi effect, for a greater hot air extraction from the inside of the helmet.

Detail of the spoiler, placed in the back of the helmet (left) and other two views of the shell from the upside and the back area of the helmet.

The rubber that goes around the helmet’s basis is wider on the back area. Its main purpose is to optimise the helmet’s aerodynamics, avoiding turbulences or noise and offering a great stability on high speed.


The helmets’ shell is composed by a multicomposite of fiberglass and other fibres, placed in an axial mode, according to offer a greater resistence and integrity in the case of impact. The weight of this helmet is around the 1.450 grams on the M size, a very restrained weight if we take into account we are talking of a helmet which has a sun visor on it. 


The helmet’s ventilation is one of the most studied areas of the Speed-R Series2, thanks to the CFD system (Computational Fluid Dynamics). We find two main air inlets, both with an “on-off” closure mechanism, placed in the frontal area of ther shell.

In the chin find another generous air inlet, whose function is to release vapor inside the screen.
For the extraction of hot air, Shark Speed-R Series 2 features rear spoiler also improve the overall aerodynamics of the hull, will be responsible for evacuating the air inside the helmet.
For optimal insulation, the helmet has a rubber ring for optimal sealing of the screen once it is fully closed.
As for the screen Speed-R Series 2, this is exactly the same as his brothers Race-R and Race-R Pro. It offers a wide field without any distortion of shapes, sizes and colors. This screen thickness varies between 4.2 mm of the central zone to 3 mm sides, helping the integrity of the screen. Another sporty touch is the pivot that ensures the closure of the screen, preventing it can boost involuntarily.

Moreover, the mechanism of the screen lets you easily and without tools thanks to remove the two movable tabs that are right next to each axis. By moving the tabs forward, we can easily remove the display of its two axes.
But perhaps what surprised us more of a helmet is aggressive and sporty lines incorporating a touring element as it is integrated in the shell sun visor. The sun visor is anti-scratches and anti-fog treatment. It is driven by a mechanism found in the left side of the uppermost region of the helmet shell. Its operation is easy and convenient. We can get an idea of the level of finishes of this helmet if you look at the sun visor perfectly with the nasal protective helmet.


If we have a look to the interiors, we will find a two density padding, very breathable and sporty. In the area with more contact with the face or neck we find textile finishes that assures a better touch. At the highest area the textile is substituted for a net, that optimises much more the breathability of the padding.

Detail of the sporty padding of the helmet and the chin guard, which is adjustable for a better isolation.

This padding has been also designed to offer a maximum comfort to the users that wear goggles, detail that we will find on the sides padding. This design has been patented by Shark and it is called Easy Fit.

The finishes of the helmet are present on every detail: the sun visor adapts perfectly to the nose protector lines. This one incorporates an air extractor to fight against moisture on the visor. Also, the padding has been designed for users who wear goggles when riding.

The interiors of the Shark Speed-R also have enough space for a communication system, the Sharktooth, that is optional and it is not included on the helmet. All the padding elements are removable and washable.

Other features

This helmet does not forget its sporty origins, so we find that the closure system is the double ring, the safest and the only one allowed on the track.

The padding tends to get closer on the neck area, according to offer a proper isolation (left). The Shark Speed-R Series2 also has a double D ring closure system (right).

As additional components that are included on the helmet, we find the nose protector and the chin guard, both removable and the last one can be adjustable through an elastic closure with a Velcro union point.


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