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Review: This is how the Shoei GT-Air 2 helmet looks

Reviews and tests 27 March, 2019

We analyze...

The Shoei GT-Air 2 motorcycle helmet is one of the big novelties of this year 2019. What new features and features account this new generation of a shoei super sale. We explain the analysis of this headset in this post.

Very important review in tour blog because we have one of the great novelties of the season: the new Shoei GT-Air 2, the evolution of the best-selling sport-touring helmet of the japanese brand with important developments that we tell in this post.

Shoei GT-Air 2 vs Shoei GT-Air

What differences does this Shoei GT-Air 2 have with its previous version? Mainly we find these differences in the ventilation system, in the padding, in the integration of the intercom and in the position of the strap. Hey, by the way, if you want a comparison in detail between the Shoei GT-Air 2 and its predecessor, so sold in 2018, you can comment here below.

Outer shell. There are no surprises here. We found a shell made of AIM, (Advanced Integrated Mix), a composite of organic fiber and multi-compound multilayer fibers, a common material in Shoei. There are 3 shell sizes for 6 sizes available. Regarding the EPS, the inner shell is made in different densities for a great impact absorption. Which, coming from Shoei, is always a guarantee.

Where we do find an important novelty is in the ventilation system: we have adjustable air intakes in the upper zone and in the chin guard and 2 air vents in the rear spoilers and in the neck. Shoei guarantees that we have more air flow in this new generation.

To all this we must add the aerodynamics, which has also been improved and studied in the wind tunnel. All this to improve its soundproofing. And here we enter into a very important issue. This Shoei GT-Air 2 is an especially silent helmet. One of the quietest in the market.

Shoei GT-Air 2, a very comfortable motorcycle helmet

The interiors, apart from being different fabrics to absorb our sweat and ensure a very good drying, incorporate removable padding in the area of ​​the ears to reduce noise.

That said, and as we talk about the interiors, the padding of the GT-Air 2 is excellent. Very comfortable, as we are used to elsewhere Shoei.

For example, the cheek pads in different layers of polyurethane for absolute comfort and fit. Without forgetting that we have some inner side cushions designed for users of prescription glasses like me. No need to remind you that all padding is removable and washable.

It is a very compact helmet. Weight: 1.506 grams,  not bad in the case of a sport-touring motorcycle helmet.

By the way, we also find the emergency extraction system.

Let’s talk about the solar viewer: renewed compared to its predecessor. It has anti-fog and anti-scratch treatment, as well as protection against UV rays. What is appreciated is that we can dismantle it without the need for tools and that the helmet incorporates some stops to adapt the viewer to our needs and that we do not touch the nose. (Show it). It is a very comfortable visor, easy to operate and that allows us to wear prescription glasses.

Let’s talk about the screen, another strong point of the GT-Air 2. In fact, it was already in its previous version and Shoei has continued betting on that previous work. It is a CNS-1 screen with a wide field of vision. Protection against UV rays of 99% and we can disassemble easily without tools.

The important thing at this point is that the mechanism of the screen has been redesigned and has an airtight edge sealed with water drainage points for rainy days. Another detail is a micro-opening system when we have no choice but to open the screen for extreme cases of fog. It is a system that opens the screen to the minimum.

I say extreme cases of fogging since the vast majority of times, just install the Pinlock EVO that comes included, you will have more than enough. By the way, apart from the Pinlock, it also includes a cover and a chin.

Shoei Gt-Air 2 with intercom

We also did not want to forget about the intercom issue, something that in a sport-touring helmet is one of the points to consider. As we saw in the Shoei Neotec 2, the Japanese brand is committed to integrating the Sena SRL intercom in the helmet. It is one of the best integrations in the market. The intercom goes completely unnoticed. We disassemble the covers of the lateral inferior edges and later to install it and the micro and the loudspeakers are incorporated easily in the interior. If you have doubts about how to install it, I remind you that we have a video on the channel how to do it.

Finally, the position of the strap has been readjusted for greater comfort and avoid friction and incorporates a micrometric closure made of 100% stainless steel. You know, a very practical and quick closing action.


We go with the conclusion of this analysis. This Shoei GT-Air 2 continues the good work that Shoei did with its predecessor. It is an excellent sport-touring helmet, with a high quality of materials and finishes and one of the quietest on the market. A great choice in its segment.



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  1. Alex

    Is the helmet compatible with intercoms from other brands or am I allowed to use only that Sena model? I can see that the side walls of the helmet are pretty thick for a traditional clam-style intercom. Thanks

    • Motocard

      Hi Alex,
      This model is only compatible with a Sena intercom.

      See you soon!

  2. Stelios

    As far as concern the Sena intercom. Can I use here the SENA system for NEOTEC II? it looks pretty much the same system. Is it the same?

    • Motocard

      Hi Stelios,
      Even looks similar, it’s not the same intercom. You can check it out here: https://mtc.onl/2XIEsP7.

  3. sheldon

    Nice light helmet . The view range is excellent. It does fog up as well if you don’t crack the visor a bit. But unfortunately it is very loud used it twice. So I sent it back to get tested and got it returned with this note.
    Sorry to hear you are having an issue. There are many causes for noise and each riders experience will be different based on their own particular set of variables like fit, bike, windshields etc and aerodynamic issues are not a defect but a result of these variables. So now it sits on a shelf to collect dust. My 300.00 helmet is extremely quite compared to this one. With the same bike etc. Thanks shoei for your no support caring attitude.