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Review: Shoei Hornet ADV, the most complete dual helmet

Reviews and tests 29 March, 2015

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The Shoei Hornet ADV is a premium helmet for the more adventurous public, trail bike and enduro street users that enjoy "on/off" riding, mixing road and off road. 

More and more the “Adventure” segment is growing and includes bikers of all types who like to combine the tarmac (almost indispensable for travelling quickly and comfortably from town to town) with getaways with friends on the tracks at the weekends. And the Hornet ADV answers this need: a public that requires a versatile helmet for dual use: capable of supporting and providing comfort on long trips at motorway speeds but that can also withstand the rigor of off road routes. To this end, the compromise in the design is very important and this helmet is a very good example of this.


The shell is made with AIM+ technology (Advanced Integrated Plus Multi-Fiber), made up of numerous layers of organic, high performance fibres with an EPS interior structured at different densities in order to absorb different types of impact. Shoei offers four shell sizes: S, M, L and XL.


The V-460 visor is completely new and is designed for the Hornet, thus we can appreciate a host of differences with the visors of its off-road siblings of the same brand. It has the precise compromise between function for off-road riding thanks to its design in the form of a wedge with aerodynamics that makes it comfortable for motorway cruise speeds, but still fulfils its function as protection against mud, sticks and stones.

The shell integration mechanism is via quick release screws, a system that makes it simple to replace. Also, the visor is devised to come off in the case of an impact, an important factor for not compromising the safety afforded by the shell.


The CNS-2 has been designed exclusively for the Hornet ADV. Its removal mechanism is tool free, just one movement being enough to remove or fit it. It has a neoprene border around the screen in order to improve the closure of the whole, avoiding the entrance of wind as well as water or mud. The screen has anti-fog treatment and is prepared for including the Pinlock system.

An interesting aspect of the Hornet ADV is that it allows us to use off-road goggles, if we want to, on our off-road excursions. If we leave the screen completely open, we can use goggles without having to remove the visor.


Being a helmet designed for off-road use, the Hornet ADV pays special attention to the ventilation. There are two air inlets: an upper one on the visor and another on the chin guard, both with a shutter for opening and closing. The redesigned chin guard area is perhaps the more notable feature when comparing the Hornet ADV with its predecessor, the Hornet DS. Shoei wanted to distance this model from other ‘on-off’ helmets with this design that helps avoid fogging like a road helmet and at the same time improves our breathing when this becomes stronger, which is what happens  when we go from the road to off-road.

Also, there is a slot inside the padding that receives the air from the front of the inside of the helmet which is conducted between the upper padding and the EPS to the rear outlets.

The air outlets are concentrated in two areas: two exits are located on the upper part of the back of the helmet and a third multiple exit situated on the lower part of the back. This works as an air expulsion system that circulates between the padding and the EPS and is integrated into the foam on the nape of the neck.


The 3D interiors are made with a fabric already used in the NXR that is characterised by being quick drying, such that sweat is quickly removed. By having this padding, the Hornet feels like a road helmet when we put it on, such that it wraps around the head in a more compact way than an off-road helmet.

The padding is completely removable and washable, in the central area as well as the cheek and chin, and they can be substituted by optional pieces for a fit perfect to our liking. Shoei has constructed the foam for the cheek padding in a different hardness in order to allow for the insertion of temples for those who wear glasses.

A small pad for the ears is included in order to reduce noise and improve comfort plus a chin curtain to keep the wind out at high speeds.

Other features

The fastener is a double ring, the safest system available on the market. Like all new Shoei products, we highlight that the Hornet ADV incorporates the EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) of the brand which facilitates the removal of the helmet by the assistants in the event of a fall.

In summary, the Hornet ADV is a quality helmet that allows for a varied use. In fact we can use it with visor and screen, without the visor and with screen..…a variety of configurations in order to adapt to the terrain and to our taste.


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