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Review: Shoei J-Cruise, king of the city

Reviews and tests 4 July, 2016

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The Shoei J-Cruise is a Premium open face helmet that represents Shoei's top-of-the-line product in this segment. The J-Cruise offers luxurious amenities for urban and commuting riding. Featuring fiber shell, great inner padding, integrated sun visor integrated and top quality finish trademark of the Japanese brand, the Shoei J-Cruise is one of the best open face helmets on the market.

Shoei J-Cruise’s shell is made in AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix), a material made through multiple organic fibers, arranged in several layers that build a solid matrix against impacts. These material quality is proven because it’s the same used by Shoei in its full face sporty models, like the NXR. And so does the EPS, very similar to other Premium brand models, with marked air channels in order to optimize ventilation flow.
Shoei J-CruiseGeneral view of the Shoei J-Cruise.
The outer shell is available in 4 different sizes for the various sizes available, from XS to XXL. This always ensures that the helmet’s adjustment will be optimal regardless of the size we use. The overall weight of the helmet stands at around 1300 grams.
Like any open face helmet, ventilation is ensured in the J-Cruise, but Shoei has gone one step further to ensure optimum distribution of this ventilation. That is why we find a generous upper entrance channeling the air through the EPS. The air is evacuated by the double rear exit. Both intakes and exits are adjustable in three different positions and -typical of the Japanese brand- it’s smoothness and ease of operation is remarkable, easy to use even when wearing thick winter gloves.
Shoei J-CruiseClose up view of the air intake main entrance, sittuated at the top of the helmet.
The Shoei J-Cruise is a helmet made to get around the city, but also to enjoy riding. It has a wide field of view thanks to the CJ-2 screen, a very practical feature for riding among traffic. This screen features a profiled edge that has a dual function: acts as a spoiler against turbulences and thus reduces air noise, but also is useful to rise or bring down the screen. The adjustment of the CJ-2 is entrusted to two lateral pivots: as we lower the screen, we will hear a “clack” indicating proper closure.
The screen design allows us to strip it without tools and avoids the need for protective side covers. In addition, the CJ-2 screen is ready for Pinlcock anti-fog film installation, although is not included with helmet’s purchase.
Shoei J-CruiseThe integrated sun visor lowered (left) and the fast creen release system (right). We can also see in the right photo the sun visor’s lever.
Another feature of the J-Cruise is its integrated sun visor QSV-1, which is operated by a lever on the left side. Note that the QSV-1 is in conformity with European standards for sunglasses, and this is a first in the world of helmets sun visors. Therefore, Shoei is the first manufacturer to achieve such high standards of quality in its optics.
Interior and closure
Within the J-Cruise we find an 3D Max-Dry inner, an antibacterial fabric that facilitates the evaporation of sweat. Its construction has microperforated areas and its top cover made in  striated 3D mesh along air channels for ventilation. Padding reaches its maximum thickness in the cheek area with up to five layers of foam. The entire interior is removable and washable.
Shoei J-CruiseClose up view of the Shoaei J-Cruise top padding.
Helmet’s closure is entrusted to a micrometric system called ‘Full Metal Ratchet’, where the buckle is metallic, making it easier to adjust and, above all, safer than other micrometric closures.
Shoei J-CruiseMetal micrometric closure (left) and padding at the helmets base (right).
In short, the Shoei J-Cruise moves in the open face Premium segment, the most valued type for 100% urban users but also maxi-scooters commuters; a segment with competitors like the Schuberth M1, Arai X-Trend or HJC’s RPHA Jet. In this regard, with the J-Cruise, Shoei offerspracticality and comfort, but also quality and durability characteristics of the products the Japanese brand.

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