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Review: Shoei Neotec, the reference in convertible helmets

Reviews and tests 5 April, 2015

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The Shoei Neotec is one of the helmets which owns to the premium group of fiber convertible helmets. Comfort when riding and the easy-use of its components are its main features, being very suitable both for a daily use as long journeys.


The shell, available in three different sizes for the 7 sizes (from XXS to XXL) has been made with the AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) system, which is a combination of organic fiber and multi-organic fiber in three layers. That system reduces its weight and increases its integrity and resistance. The weight of the Shoei Neotec is about 1.600 grams. Not bad for a touristic convertible helmet, isn’t it? 

General view of the Shoei Neotec with the chin raised (left) and with the fullface position (right).


One of the purposes on the chin’s design is to reduce the number of mobile pieces that compound that area of the helmet, which means more security. The opening system is easy to use and safe: there is a red button inserted on the chin that will raise if we press it down.

Detail of the button to operate the chin of the helmet.

Thanks to the 360° Pivot Locking System, the action of raising and closing the chin will be easy and soft. Once the chin is completely open and closed, we will hear a “click” that will inform us that the operation has been made correctly.


The Shoei Neotec has an air entrance located on the upside of the shell, with three positions- and there is another placed on the chin, with an on-off mechanism. We can use both mechanisms when riding and with the gloves on. There is an air outlet on the back of the shell, that evacuates the hot air from the inside thanks to a Venturi effect. 

That means the ventilation system on the Shoei Neotec is much better than its predecessor, the Multitec. In that way, Shoei announces that the Neotec has optimized its ventilation system -compared to the Muiltitec- in a 267%!

Detail of the air outlet of the ventilation system of the helmet.


The CNS-1 shield is wide and offers a great field of vision. It also incorporates anti scratches and anti moisture treatment and we can include the Pinlock system (included with the helmet). This shield allows to open it a bit, just to fight against the moisture.

The Shoei Neotec has the solar visor integrated on the shell. This visor is 99% anti UV and the mechanism to manipulate it is placed on the left side of the shell. This mechanism offers an easy manipulation.

The Shoei Neotec incorporates the shield CNS-1 and the solar visor integrated.


The helmet features a 3D padding, completely removable and washable. It has been designed also for users who wear glasses and the padding offers different sizes for a better adjustment. This padding offers great ventilation, excellent isolation and comfort when riding.

General and detail view of the helmet’s padding, designed to offer great comfort, isolation and ventilation.

Actually, the isolation plays an important role on this helmet. There is a vortex placed on the chin which generates a small turbulence according to avoid the noise entrance into the helmet.

Closures and details

The Shoei Neotec has a micrometric closure system with metallic buckle, for better security. It can also incorporate the Cardo SHO-1 communication system, designed for this helmet.

Detail of the micrometric closure system of the helmet.

Its design and features we can consider that the Shoei Neotec is one of the references on the fibershell convertible helmets. Created to satisfy both the users who use the motorbike daily as the users who want a helmet for long journeys, the Shoei Neotec offers a great level of finishes that wil satisfy all kind of biker’s profile.


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