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Review: SHOEI NXR, the evolution of the XR-1100

Reviews and tests 9 October, 2014

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The essence of a helmet is its protection. With this premise, Shoei left to one side the accessories and unnecessary details and began working on a new sports tourism helmet in order to achieve maximum safety, creating one of the most versatile helmets on the market and a worthy successor of the XR 1100 / RF1100.

Taking safety to be the principal element of a helmet, we find that the new


NXR presents mores rounded lines than its predecessor (the XR 1100), being more compact than other ranges from this Japanese Brand. Also, Shoei have also worked on notably improving the protection against noise, thanks to the sealing of the new visor (CWR-1) as well as the new pads for the ears and a very tight collar. Definitely we are before one of the most versatile helmets on the market.

The NXR helmet is more compact and the aerodynamics have been improved as well

The aerodynamics of the helmet have been well studied and we find that the new NXR presents a more discrete spoiler than other helmets of this Japanese brand. The ventilation opening and closing system has three positions that better adapt to the demands of each moment.


The visor

As regards the visor (CWR-1) it is completely new and of moulded polycarbonate. The new visor design has aimed at offering a sharp and clear vision as well as improving its optical quality. The CWR-1 has some bands on the upper and lower part that of the screen that foresee the wind pressure or that from opening and closing the visor. Also the spring on the screen hinge is stronger and more resistant than the previous model, and also has a precise and hermetic adjustment system for the visor. As in all Shoei visors, the new CWR-1 has a visor mounting/removal system which needs no tools, anti-scratch treatment and a Pinlock anti-fog visor as standard.

The visor is completely new and it has a better fitment and higher resistance to the air pressure


The padding of the NXR has been completely redesigned. The pads have been made using various layers of different density foams thus providing an excellent fit and comfort. All the interiors are detachable and washable.

The materials of the inner padding have been designed to progressively absorb the force of an eventual impact, demonstrating a great equilibrium between the rigidity of the shell and the comfort and feel of the interior materials. Also, the helmet has an emergency quick release system


which allows the helmet to be removed without having to touch the neck and the cheeks of the victim.

Detail of the emergency system EQRS, that allows to remove the interior pads pulling out the red bands

Other Features

As regards ventilation, the NXR has four air inlets on the front of the helmet and three on top of and one below the visor. On the back there are up to six air outlets, which ensures optimum ventilation throughout the inside of the helmet.

As in other helmets of the high range Shoei helmets, the NXR incorporates accessories as standard, such as the chin guard, breath guard, the silicone oil for the screen‘s mechanism and the anti-fog visor Pinlock.

These components are included on the new Shoei NXR, as well as the Pinlock antifog visor

The Shoei NXR fattener incorporates the safest system and the one used in competition, the double buckle. Also, this type of fastener allows for a perfect fit and is easy to use.

Detail of the double D closure of the Shoei NXR

Ending with the NXR, we must say that the helmet incorporates two areas in both sides of the interiors to place the external speakers of the intercoms.




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