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Review: Shoei VFX-W, the off-road helmet for excellence

Reviews and tests 17 March, 2015

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Developed by Shoei to offer the maximum performances on the off-road, the VFX-W is one of the most popular off-road helmets. And if we have a look to its design and its features, we will understand why.

Design and shell

The Shoei VFX-W has an innovative and agressive design: its aerodynamic profiles include side and back spoilers designed for a perfect integration of the goggles. The shell structure is composed by the same materials than other well-know Shoei Products, like the X-Spirit II, so we are talking about a helmet with a great rigidity and resistance.

General view of the Shoei VFX-W with the Krack graphics.

The external shell has been made with the Advanced Integrated Matrix system(AIM+), a multi compound of fibers (fiberglass, organic fibers and other fibers) placed strategically to ensure an excellent resistance in an event of impact and a correct energy evacuation to the helmet’s outside. The shell is made on four different sizes to adapt better to all the sizes we can find on the market (from the XS to the XXL). The EPS is made on two different densities. Its design is oval, with a narrowed sides that provide an optimal and integral adjustment to our head and face, allowing freedom of movements, specially in the necks’ area. Its total weight is 1.250 grams.

The Shoei VFX-W features a ventilation system totally integrated on the shell. That means that there are no accesories or elements as air intakes or spoilers, so the optimal ventilation is ensured, despite falls or impacts, working always efficiently.

We know that the ventilation is a critical element in an off-road helmet, especially when there is an excessive heat or effort. Shoei knew that, so the VFX-W test were made during the summer in Italy and Spain. As a result, we find a helmet that has eight different air inlets: one placed in the chin, very wide and designed as a filter against the dust, the water and the mud. This filter can be removed and cleaned up. There are also two air inlets on the sides, according to offer a great ventilation to the neck’s area. On the upper area of the VFX-W we find three air entrances more, placed strategically to offer a great air flow from the front to the back.  

The ventilation system is very complete thanks to the many air inlets. This system is integrated on the shell for a better performance in all conditions.

The air outlets are placed in the center and the back of the helmet, taking advantage of the spoiler design. We find a last air outlet integrated on the helmet’s interiors, just in the nape area.


The Shoei VFX’s visor has been designed both for protect from the sun and the dust, water or mud. We can install it easily through three rigid plastic screws and we will be able to adjust in different positions. In case of severe impact, the visor has been designed to break off, according to do not harm to the racer.

The visor is removable and we can adjust it in different positions for an optimal protection.

On the other side, we must say that the field of vision on the VFX-W is wide, so this detail will help the racer to advance to the unforeseen.


On the helmet’s padding we find a 3D material which incorporates the Maxc-Dry technology, totally removable and washable. We find two different textile finishes: one for an optimal touch and the other for a greater breathability.

View of the inside of the helmet, with the two textile padding for a great touch and breathability

If we take out the central padding, we will see that the ventilation system is completely integrated in the internal shell. The padding also has orifices according to disperse efficiently the sweat. For an optimal halmet’s adjustment, we can insert an addition padding between the EPS and the central padding.

Another important element included in the helmet is the Emergency Quick Release System, which allows us to take out the side padding from the Emergency Services in an event of a fall. The system offers two rings that we can pull out.

Other details

With the helmet, there is inlcuded the air deflector and a sticker for the sun visor, according to prevent us from undesirable shinning. The Shoei VFX-W also has a double ring closure, that provides a great adjustment.

Summarising, we are in front of a very complete helmet, with good ergonomycs, very light and excellent finishes. Its main feature is the very studied ventilation system, so we cannot demand for more features in an off-road helmet.


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