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Review: New X-lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon motorcycle helmet, pure racing spirit

Reviews and tests 9 December, 2019

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X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon review, the perfect helmet for riding around the track.

The new X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon full face helmet is one of the best sports motorcycle helmets currently available. It’s the new version of the X-803 with a track configuration, now with some interesting novelties that we’ll go over below. We saw it in this year’s Eicma, in the Milan Motorcycle show. Let’s talk about it.

X-lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon, the new motorcycle racing helmet

This X-Lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon motorcycle helmet is the new version of the preceding X-803 Ultra Carbon but with a new configuration devised for sports riding, to give your all on the track. Here there’s no half measures: this new version has a wind tunnel tested, aerodynamic sports spoiler and which X-Lite call RAS (Racetrack Aerodynamic Spoiler). It’s devised to provide highly efficient aerodynamics at high speeds and it has been designed to keep a continuous line with the motorcycle suit’s hump. 

Análisis del nuevo casco X-lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon

Anyway, if you’re not into spoilers, know that you can remove it. In this case, if you want to remove the spoiler, you have to install the upper side wings that come in the box so as to not interfere with the aerodynamics.

So much for the spoiler, we’ve forgotten to talk about the outer shell, in this case made of a very lightweight carbon fibre composite and in three sizes: from XXS to S is one, sizes M and L another and another for larger heads. Things you normally ask.

Este casco tiene una configuración para circuito

Regarding the ventilation system, as it is a sports helmet, it’s devised to afford great airflow and to be able to remove the hot air generated inside the helmet. We find regulatable air inlets on the front, upper and in the chin bar.

Let’s talk about the interior, very comfortable, fitted and breathable. With inner  “Carbon Fitting Racing Experience” padding made with active carbon filaments. There are various proprietary technologies of the brand such as the LPC system (Liner Positioning Control), which allows us to regulate the position of the inner lining for a perfect fit.

And, of course, the interior is removable and washableOther things you should know about this X-lite 803 RS Ultra Carbon helmet is that it comes with a breath guard as standard and another designed for low temperature conditions.

X-lite es una marca de referencia

Clousure is double buckle

The closure is double buckle, the safest one available and the only one allowed for riding around the track, and it also has an emergency extraction system for the side padding in the event of a fall. 

Lastly, it includes Pinlock as standard (the anti-fog sheet) and a dark screen in the box. It is available in various different colours. On with the conclusion: this X-lite X-803 RS Ultra Carbon helmet is the perfect helmet for riding around the track. With very cared for details, customary of the brand.


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  1. Marvin

    How many centimeters is the diameter large size?
    Can you provide more information about it ?

  2. Frank

    I like to get one for mi wife but I dont want it to b to big or to small