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Review: X-Lite X201 Ultra Carbon, the ultralightweight jet

Reviews and tests 4 January, 2016

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The X-Lite X-201 Ultra Carbon is a brand new jet helmet with a lovely vintage look and lightweight carbon fiber shell. The X-201 Ultra Carbon shows that classic lines are not incompatible with the latest technologies and will delight the urban users, cafe-racer fans and classic bikes owners alike.


As the name suggests, the X201 features Carbon has in its shell. We must remember that carbon fiber is very light but also one of the strongest materials available, so the resistance values of this composite fiber shell is great for an open face helmet. X-Lite offers three different shell sizes.

Furthermore, this combination of carbon fiber on a jet helmet makes the overall weight minimal, offering about 950 grams for a size M. The lightness of the whole pack also makes a key contribution for riding comfort and off bike transport.

X-201 Ultra Carbon general view.

The X201 Ultra Carbon does not have a visor, but on the outside of the shell we’ll find five points with automatic buttons to attach a screen or a ‘peak’ type visor. So, if we decide to move out with goggles on, the X-201 Ultra Carbon features a back button with a leather tab to secure the goggles strap, so they do not move when riding. X-Lite does not include any set of goggles with the helmet.
The interior of the X-201 offers a combination of padded suede and leather that offers comfort but also elegance, keeping with the aesthetic lines of the helmet.

The padding completely covers the inner zone. We find out suede, which is microperforated for a better transpiration. Inside, we find foam padding everywhere except in the upper zone (avoiding an excessively lifted helmet fit). Finally, the leather padding on outside edges -made of premium leather- makes for an elegant finish.

Upper padding view (left) and close up to micro perforated zones with leather finishing (right).

The fastening system of the X201 Ultra Carbon is double-d buckle, the safest system. Both straps feature two overlapping padings with the same material as the inner ones (suede and leather) which add to comfort to the helmet and a beauty final touch to the overall design.

Double D system close-up view (left) and general vier over X-201 inner padding (right).

Undoubtedly, the X201 Ultra Carbon is an excellent piece of job, as we can see in details like inner seams or the quality of the leather used; everything is signed by Nolan, as the brand’s vintage line logo shows, because the X-201 is a collaboration of X-Lite with Nolan, gathering the best of both brands: the shell of composite fiber of the first with attention to detail to unparalleled comfort of the former. The X-201 Ultra Carbon is available in two different decos: ‘Pure’ and ‘Williow Springs’.
In short, the X-Lite X-201 Ultra Carbon is a novelty aimed at those looking for a helmet with vintage look but do not want to compromise on the safety and comfort, chosing current technologies and materials, which the brand has been matched with an exclusive Italian design.

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