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Review: Alpinestars Ast Air, sporty and breathable

Reviews and tests 11 May, 2016

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The Alpinestars Ast Air is a vented sporty textile jacket, with good protections and an excellent price per value on jackets designed for Spring and Summer periods.

Construction and materials

The main material is the Polyfabric 600D, one of the most used materials used by Alpinestars when designing textile and light jackets, because it is one of the strongest materials against the wear. This jacket is very light, so it won’t be uncomfortable when wearing it on the motorbike or carrying it on the street.

Frontal view (left) and back view (right) of the Alpinestars Ast Air jacket.

On its inside, there is a microperforated textile, breathable according to give to the jacket high values on ventilation and lightness. In the neck and inside the sleeves there is a microfiber textile, soft to the touch, for a better comfort. The jacket also features other details, as the accordion panels for a good flexibility on the elbows area and padded zones in the back area and the reflective bands in the shoulders.

Detail of the accordion areas (left) and the microperforated textile on the sleeves (right).


Alpinestars has designed a jacket which main purpose is to offer a good ventilation during Spring and Summer periods. So we find wide microperforated areas in the front and back sides, and also the internal side of the sleeves. These panels offer proper and direct ventilation to all the areas. That is why we cannot find a ventilation system, as we usually find on four seasons or winter jackets.

Detail of the reflective bands in the shoulders area (left) and the textile finish on the neck’s area (right).


The jacket’s design has been created to offer sporty lines. The Alpinestars Ast Air includes Bio Armor protectors in shoulders and elbows. The protections are flexible and the Italian brand includes the same protections in other products, inlcuding sporty leather jackets.

The wide microperforated areas allow the air enter on the jacket’s inside, according to offer a good ventilation at all time.

There is also a polyurethane foam in the back and the chest as additional reinforcement on these areas. We can replace these foam pieces for a Nucleon chest and back protectors. Remember that both accesories are not included on the jacket’s purchase.

Closures and pockets

The main closure is a zipper, while there are some velcro adjustments on the sleeves and waist for a optimum fitting.

Detail of the sleeves adjustments (left) and the waist ones (right).

The Alpinestars Ast Air has two pockets on its front area with zipper closures and another one on its inside (waterproof). There are also two extra internal pockets with velcro closure. If you are looking for a comfortable jacket on the Spring and Summer time and you do not want to loose protection levels when riding your bike or scooter, the Alpinestars Ast Air is your product. 



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