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Review: Alpinestars New Land Gore-Tex

Reviews and tests 14 September, 2015

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The Alpinestars New Land is the touring jacket form Alpinestars that includes Gore-Tex technology with a great value for money. This premium product is among the Premium products from the Italian brand, as it allows us to have a versatile winter and mid-season jacket with removable inner liner and temperature control ventilation system... and is on sale at Motocard!

Material and construction
Alpinestars New Land is made of high quality polyamide fabric which has incorporated Gore-Tex membrane which makes it 100% waterproof and, at the same time, breathable.
Alpinestars New Land Gore-TexAlpinestars New Land Gore-Tex general view.
Inside, the detachable long sleeve lining is made with polyamide and polyester and features plush neck finish and offers all the warmth needed in the coldest months. If you want to extract the thermal liner, simply open the red zippers and unhook its neck and sleeces Velcro’s strips.
Alpinestars New Land Gore-TexThe inner lining, with zippered pockets (top left) and its main zip (down left).
The sizing of the New Land has pre-curved sleeves and an elongated back to better adapt to our driving position and a high neck, perfect to protect us from wind and cold.
Thanks to the brand ‘Climate Control System’ we can regulate the entry and exit of air inside the jacket. This allows you to wear this jacket in summer days even being a winter jacket. 
Alpinestars New Land Gore-TexThe Control Climate System inlets and outlets are red-zippered.
There are two inlets between the chest and shoulders and two outlets on back sides, all of red zippers indicating that are part of the ‘Climate Control System’. Added to this is the sleeve’s double zipper that allows us to regulate the air inlet to the arms.
Both shoulder and elbow/forearm zone feature Alpinestars TPU-made Bio-Armor protections, all removable; while in the back there is padding, which may be complemented with an Alpinestars Bio-Armor back protector. In the chest area there’re also compartments designed to incorporate Bionic Chest protections. Both Level 2 guards do not come standard with the jacket, but are an important safety element to consider.
Close and pockets
The main closure is entrusted to a double zipper and a Velcro flap. All zippers are from YKK, japanse brand synonymous with quality and durability. To improve the our fit to the jacket there’s an waistline outer belt.
As mentioned, the Gore-Tex membrane makes the jacket waterproof and thus the four outer pockets, two situated on the chest and the other two at the bottom. There’re two internal pockets and two more on the removable lining.
Alpinestars New Land Gore-TexHere we can see the sleeves double zipper system (left) and Velcro adjustements (right).
As a detail to enhance comfort and sealing the edges of the sleeves and collar they are made of neoprene. Finally, the New Land has reflective inserts on back and arms to enhance our visibility to other drivers at night.
In short, the Alpinestars New Land is a very complete jacket, equipped with Gore-Tex waterproof material and a removable winter lining. If you’re thinking about getting a jacket for this fall / winter, you may like to know that the New Land is on offer at Motocard.com!

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