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Review: Belstaff Jubilee Brooklands, urban fashion for bikers

Reviews and tests 13 April, 2016

We analyze...

The Belstaff Jubilee Brooklands is a waterproof jacket with thermal layer on its inside. It has a vintage and retro look, that reminds us the classical British style of some decades ago and it will be a very useful jacket for those who need an urban waterproof jacket with a very distinct style.


The Belstaff Jubilee Brooklands features 6 ounces soy oilclothed cotton. It is a treatment that offers a longer life to the cotton and increases its resistance to the wear. The treatment also provides this aestethics goodlooking of a weared and age-worn jacket.

Front view (left) and rear view (right) of the Belstaff Jubilee Brooklands.

Below the cotton there is a waterproof layer named Miporex. This membrane has sealed seams and will prevent us from the water and at the same time, will allow the correct breathability to the cotton. In the same point, the inside of the sleeves includes a thermal layer that will prevents us from the cold from the outside. As a detail, this Belstaff features orifices at the end of the sleeves and in the lower area of the pockets according to evacuate moisture or water efficiently.

Detail of the front pocket with zipper closure (left), the waist closure (up right) and the orifices to evacuate moisture (down right).

Finally on this block, the inside of the jacket has a thermal layer called Micro-Valtherm. It is removable thanks to a combination of buttons and zipper, so the jacket can be used both the winter and Spring and Autumn. If we remove this thermal layer we can see the non-removable internal layer with a typical British style, made with cotton. Combined with all this, we find at the end of the sleeves and in the neck area corduroy finish, according to give warmth and great touch.

View of the thermal layer of the jacket (left) and without it (right).


The jacket features internal protections on the shoulders and elbows areas from the brand D30. These are soft and removable protectors designed to disperse the energy in an event of a fall, offering a good protection when riding our bike on urban and suburbs areas. The fact of including removable protections offers to the jacket an extra usage, as an urban jacket with a vintage and authentic look.

Detail of the external reinforcement that includes the internal and removable protector on the elbow.

The Belstaff Jubilee Brooklands features a space designed to insert a back protector, but this is not included with the jacket and we will have to get it as additional part.

Closures and pockets

The jacket combines a main closures with zipper and a buttons flap, that ensures the proper isolation of the jacket. In the neck and the waist there are two additional laces with metallic closures.

Detail of the closure placed in the neck of the jacket, with a corduroy internal finish for a great touch and warmth.

Regarding the pockets, there are two on the front with buttons closures and other two with zipper. On its inside there is an extra pocket on the left side with zipper closure.

The Jubilee Brooklands is a tribute to one of a well-known British permanent circuit of Brooklands and all the aesthetics of that motorized era. Its vintage and retro look makes this jacket very suitable for all those cafe-racer and scrambler lovers, but also for those who are looking for an urban motorbike jacket suitable for being weared nearly all year round.



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