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Alpinestars Missile Tech Air jacket

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The new Alpinestars Missile Tech Air is an amazing sporty jacket made of high quality leather and has MotoGP-tested outer protections, a rear humpback for excellent aerodynamic performance and the most outstanding feature is that it is ready to install the system of Alpinestars airbag.

Materials and construction

The Missile Tech Air is a CE certified jacket and is made of premium cowhide of 1.3mm thickness (highly durable) or superb abrasion resistance, a key point in a jacket designed for sports use.

As a good sports jacket, the sleeves are pre-curved to reduce fatigue to the maximum and increase the comfort. Also in the sleeves, underarms and in areas exposed to movements, such as shoulder blades, for example, we find elastic panels for better comfort, fit and freedom of movement on the bike.

Alpinestars Missile Tech Air

It is very important to emphasize the rear hump, making clear that it is a garment to use of sporting way. This is designed to improve aerodynamic performance. The elastic accordion panels, located on shoulders and back, are positioned strategically to facilitate the movements on the bike.

The cuffs are finished in neoprene for better comfort and the neck is also composed of a textured 3D fabric, while the back is lower than the front, designed to cover the entire back when we drive the motorcycle.

Alpinestars Missile Tech Air


After testing it, we can say that the Missile is really comfortable and its weight is relatively small, even and with the hump and different protections. The feeling on the bike allows us to be focused on driving. Without a doubt this is one of the most sporting jackets in the Alpinestars range.

The different protections that are in the jacket are very well integrated, allowing a great freedom of movement.

Alpinestars Missile Tech Air

The sensation in the neck and the fists is very pleasant and it is appreciated when we make movements on the motorcycle, especially in curved roads.

In addition, the elastic fabric distributed by the jacket that we have discussed allows us a great freedom of movement and adaptability, both on the bike and outside, which translates into less effort for us and more comfort. We can see how the accordion zones clearly contract and expand according to our movements.

Alpinestars Missile Tech Air

The jacket that we present in this post is a 52 size, ideal for a man who measures between 180 cm and 185 cm, approximately.


In terms of protections, the jacket has Alpinestars GP-R protectors, CE certified, shoulders and elbows, derived from the races. Also notable are the Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) external slippers at the elbows and shoulders; these are composed of double density molded TPU for better performance in sliding falls and have also been tested in the MotoGP and SBK races.

In the chest we find foam pads, where we can mount the chest protector Alpinestars Nucleon KR-Ci, although it is not included. On the back there is a foam padded compartment where we can mount the Alpinestars Nucleon KR-2i / KR-1i back protector, but we must be purchased separately.

Alpinestars Missile Tech Air

The “Snap-on” system is ready to install the Nucleon KR-R back protector. But the most advantage of this jacket is the Alpinestars Tech-Air airbag system, for the lovers of a sporty driving. In addition, on the left sleeve there are intelligent LED lights, which are activated by the installation of the Airbag and indicate their status.

Alpinestars Missile Tech Air

Interior and ventilation

Inside the jacket there is an inner lining mesh, which in addition to improving comfort, helps especially in ventilation and perspiration, especially on those hotter days.

Alpinestars Missile Tech Air

Also for greater ventilation we can see wide perforated areas and perforation in specific areas.

Pockets, closure and details

The Missile has an inner waterproof pocket and two external pockets with zip. The waist is adjustable by Velcro for a secure and personalized fit.

With regard to the closure we have a central zipper with Velcro fastening, in the cuffs we see a new Velcro closure and zipper for a secure and personalized fit and at the waist an adjustable strap. Also highlights the Alpinestars jacket-pants connecting zip.

In short, with the Missile Tech Air Alpinestars launches a jacket with a great value for money, designed for the true motorcycle lovers that incorporates the most advanced technology derived from the competition. Without a doubt an ideal jacket to wear it with the most powerful motorbikes on the market thanks to the safety features offered. In addition, the jacket is available with a variety of different color combinations.


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