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Review: Dainese Air Frame Tex, more than a vented jacket

Reviews and tests 25 July, 2016

We analyze...

The Dainese Air-Frame Tex is a ventilated jacket has the distinction of having short detachable membrane winds. In this way, we have a jacket for times of increased heat, but if weather conditions change suddenly, avoid passing the membrane windbreak us cold, as we could happen with a pure ventilated jacket.

Construction and materials
The Dainese Air-Frame Tex jacket uses three fabric types: the Boomerang with high abrasion resistance levels; Quick Dry, fast drying; and mesh fabric. As happens in a vented jacket, the mesh fabric is very present, occupying large areas in the chest and back, plus the arm’s inner side. Only thje more exposed areas in a crash feature Boomerang fabric instead of mesh pannels.

Dainese Air-Frame Tex front (left) and rear (right).

Inside, jacket’s have a Sanitized lining, with antibacterial properties and has been perforated for optimal ventilation. As we already mentioned, inside there is a windproof lining, which is removable thanks to a combination of zippers and puchs buttons. An useful detail: you can put the windproof liner in a pocket when you do not need it.

The jacket features a windstopper lining with zipper and press botton (left) but if we take it out we will have a fixed microperforated lining for an optimal ventilation.

Dainese Air-Frame Tex’s protections are homolgated composite type, situated in shoulders and elbows. All are removable by velcro, so they are removed and replaced in just seconds. To increase our security, this jacket allows the installation of a back protector thanks to dedicated zippered space in the rear, although it does not come standard with the jacket.

Zippered compartment for the Dainese back protector installation close up.

As good ventilated jacket, the cooling propieties of the Air-Frame Tex is very high. Thanks to the large mesh panels on chest and back we alreadymentioned, the air flows smoothly, flowing through the inner Sanitized lining. If we choose to put on the removable windproof membrane, we will notice as the air stream flows around us, whereas if we move on without her, ventilation is direct and unsubtle, ideal for summer.
Close and details
The main closing Dainese Air-Frame Tex zipper is topped by a push button on the neck. We also found fasteners on sleeves and in the waist to adjust the width. The edges of neck and sleeves are finished with a leather strap, wear resistance warranty and a nice touch. The logo and the letters ‘Dainese’ on chest and back are also made of leather. As for the pockets, we have two outside and one inside, all with zip closure.

Waist velcro fasteners (left) and wrist push bottons (right) close up.

In short, adding a detachable windshield membrane to a vented jacket has been a smart bet by Dainese, offering us a gear with all the advantages of ventilated jackets, but without wheather and seasonal restrictions for its use.

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