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Review: Dainese D-Explorer, the queen of the jackets

Reviews and tests 2 November, 2014

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The Dainese D-Explorer is a jacket designed for being worn all the year round. This is one of the most complete jackets we can find in the market with exclusives accessories and many details.

The main feature of the D-Explorer is that it is a three-layer jacket, in which the different inner linings have been designed to ensure optimum ride comfort. The thermal lining for colder days and the waterproof jacket with Gore-Tex 100% waterproof yet providing optimal breathability, whilst the outer jacket has a high level finish and detailing.
The outer material is made of D-Stone. This type of component is made ​​of high-strength braided nylon and offers protection features similar to leather, whilst providing greater comfort and a great level of breathability and elasticity. Dainese also combines an elastic material, Mugello, found in several parts of the jacket and with a soft touch and elastic properties, offering greater freedom of movement. Also, in areas where the movement is continuous, we find stretch accordion inserts.
In the collar area of the thermal lining as well as the outer jacket, we have a material pleasant to the touch.
Detail of the finishing placed in the collar area, providing an optimal feel 
The D-Explorer includes protections on the shoulders, with an external thermo-formed protection and a hard protector on the inside. In the area of the elbows we find another protection with two moving parts that allows the natural movement of the elbow. The outer material in this area is robust but provides great mobility in the area. Finally, in the back we find a Wave protection that is included with the jacket and provides extra protection in the back area. In this aspect, we can say that the D-Explorer is one of the few jackets that comes fully equipped with the protection elements included.
The Wave back protector is already included with jacket 
Other Features 
The D-Explorer is a jacket that leaves nothing to chance. As regards insulation, we highlight the closures in the neck area, sleeves and waist, allowing us to tie the jacket correctly to prevent the flapping of the gear on windy days or when travelling at high speed.
Detail of the fastening closure located on the sleeve, which prevents the jacket flapping in windy conditions or at high speeds 
In addition, the closure system of the jacket in the collar area uses buttons, which provides a secure fit and prevents it from accidentally undoing. This type of closure is an alternative to velcro, which is a system that can hook on the helmet’s padding or other garments. 
The Dainese D-Explorer incorporates reflective Dainese logos on the sleeves and chest with reflective material. We also see reflective texts placed on different pockets of the jacket. On the side of the sleeves there are also bands with reflective properties. With all these details, we can ensure that the visibility of the jacket under dark conditions is excellent from any angle.
Dainese logos located on the lateral side of the shoulder are also reflective  
All seasons jacket 
We have mentioned that the D-Explorer is a multipurpose jacket, versatile and designed to be worn in any season. In addition to the multiple adjustments we can make to the outer jacket, it is very important that under low temperatures we have a thermal lining capable of maintaining our body temperature. In this regard, the thermal lining inside the D-Explorer is made of polyamide, capable of insulating body temperature from the cold outside, achieving optimal insulation. The lining is removable and washable.
Overview of the thermal inner lining  
For cool days and rainy days, the D-Explorer incorporates a second lining which made of ​​Gore-Tex, 100% waterproof and at the same time provides proper ventilation. We are aware that there are periods where the temperatures can vary greatly during the day, this Dainese jacket allows you to combine the two linings according to our needs, one or both, as the buttons and zips are all independent.
Detail Gore-Tex 100% waterproof inner lining 
Finally, for the warmer seasons, the D-Explorer allows you to remove the two linings for optimal ventilation without sacrificing protection, -all protectors are attached to the outer jacket-. But this does not end here: in this regard the jacket allows us to open strategic areas for optimal ventilation. This ventilation system is known as the Modular Flap System.
The back of the jacket can be partially removed (by modules) or completely, depending on the desired air flow 
And thanks to the ventilation modules, we can regulate the airflow we need. The thick 3D mesh is placed in the inner zone of the outer jacket and ensures optimum protection against abrasion in the case of an eventual fall, since its thickness keeps our body away from the contact surface. 
On the inner side of the sleeves we find another ventilation area, allowing optimum breathability.
Overview of the jacket with front modules and the open ventilation system of the sleeve 
Other Features
The D-Explorer incorporates other features such as lower outer buttons with rubber finish, to avoid scratching the tank of the bike, as well as plenty of pockets (two standard external pockets on either side of the zip, two pockets with thermosealed waterproof zip and interior pockets on both outer jacket and individual linings) to  facilitate our bike trips. On the left sleeve we also have a handy pocket for documents, the garage remote or the fast pass at tolls. 
Detail of the rubber finish of the lower buttons of D-Explorer, that you avoid scratches on the tank of the bike  
The colours of the Dainese D-Explorer are dark gray and black -you’re seeing right now- in addition to the black version and one that combines beige with black. All these colours blend perfectly with a wide range of clothing for everyday use as well as for trips and holidays with our motorbikes. In this section, we highlight the D-Explorer pants, in conjunction with the jackets, which are sold separately and maintain both the technical properties of the jackets as well as the colour line of the upper garments. 
The Dainese D-Explorer is washable but each piece separately, never dry-clean, and do not use ver aggressive detergents or bleaches. 

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