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Review: Dainese Hydra Flux D-Dry

Reviews and tests 14 April, 2015

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As the temperatures are higher, it is more difficult to wear the winter gear, so Dainese has a new and fresh proposal: a jacket properly vented designed for Spring, Summer and Autumn. It features a D-Dry waterproff layer that will help us against water and cold air. Let's see all its details.


In the jacket we find a main material called Boomerang, which is a technical textile arranged as a net. That provides an optimal ventilation on the inside. This textile is placed in the main areas of the jacket, like the front and the sleeves’ sides. For the hot air’s evacuation, the jacket features the same textile located on the back.

Completing this textile, there is another technical material called Quick Dry, used to adjust properly the jacket to the user’s anatomy and to adjust the protectors as well.

Waterproof D-Dry layer

One of the main features of this jacket is its waterproof layer that we find on its interior. The main objective of this layer is to provide a correct isolation against both the water and the cold temperatures. To reach this goal, the layer features a zip closure and a second closure through buttons.


Other details

Another feature of this jacket is its light weight, even with the protectors included, so we find the Velcro as the main element to adjust the jacket to our anatomy. We find this adjustments in the neck area, in the wrist and the waist, while there are reflective elements with the Dainese logo placed in the shoulders and the back of the jacket. There are also reflective strips in the back of the neck and the sleeves.

There is one thing that we missed on this jacket: a waterproof pocket. There are two main pockets on the external jacket but no one in its inside. The jacket has been designed to include a Manis or Wave protector on its interior, but these protectors are not included in the jacket.


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