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Review: Dainese Replica 2015, get green!

Reviews and tests 27 January, 2016

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The Dainese Replica 2015 has been designed for Kawasaki fans. Thanks to its green color is perfect to wear riding over an Akashi's machine. Honoring the 'Ninja' style, the Dainese Replica 2015 is a purely sporting leather jacket with all the characteristics of a premium piece Dainese.

The leather used in the Dainese Replica 2015 is bovine. Called ‘Tutu’ in Dainese’s dictionary, this leather has been subjected to a treatment to improve abrasion resistance properties. As with other sports jackets of the brand, like the Racing D1 or Super Rider, along with the leather is featured the bioelastic fabric S1, a elastic fabric in the zones where we need greater flexion, as on sleeves’ inner face or the armpits.

Dainese Replica 2015 frontal (left) and rear view (right).

Also improving flexibility, Dainese has provided the jacket with elastic inserts on elbows and shoulder. Furthermore, these inserts are microelastics on the elbows, a system developed by Dainese where elastic fabric is inserted on leather ‘channels’, searching for a balance between flexion and abrasion resistance on the zone. The shoulder blades zone inserts are accordion pannel type. In the back, the Dainese Replica features an aerodynamic hump.

S1 fabric close up, located in both sleeves (left) and of the microelastic insertions in the elbows (right).

Inside, we found a perforated liner of the Nanofeel brand, made of polyester, which not only improves perspiration but has antibacterial and anti-odor properties.
As a good sporty jacket, Dainese Replica has numerous protective elements: there are two titanium external protectors located on both shoulders with Dainese’s logo, the same type of protection found in the racing suits of the Italian brand. Inside, there’re rigid plastic protections (expanded polyethylene) on the shoulders and elbows. The latter extending its shape to include the elbow plus the forearms. Both types of protections are removable tahnks to Velcro straps and are certified according to European standards.

Sholuder titanium outter protector (left) and accordion pannel zone close up (right).

The Dainese Replica 2015 is ready to install the Dainese Dual Chest chest protector, thanks to respective inner breast pockets and a Dainese G1 or G2 backprotector in the space dedicated to it in the lining of the back. These accessories are not included with the jacket.
Closures and pockets
The jacket’s main closure is a zipper by a Velcro strap on top. The overall adjustment is customizable by strips with buttons to fit sides width and a combination of zip and button to regulate the wrist and sleeves.

Main zip, velcro straps and adjusting buttons make for a better overall fit.

There is also a jacket-pants connecting zipper. Finally, mention that Dainese Replica 2015 has two outside pockets on the sides, both with zippers.
We are in front of a sports jacket with the Dainese seal of quality that incorporates all its racing expertise. And furthermore, is designed to allow Kawasaki owners to find a Dainese garment with the green war colours of the 2015 World Superbike Champions.

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