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Review: Dainese Ridder D1 Gore-Tex jacket and pants touring outfit

Reviews and tests 9 December, 2015

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The Dainese Ridder D1 Gore-Tex is the most advanced textile touring garment from the Italian brand. Both jacket and pants feature Gore-Tex textile layer and a removable thermal lining, which offers thermal protection and comfort during Spring, Autumn and Winter seasons.

Both jacket and pants Dainese Ridder D1 have as main material a textile named D-Shield. This is a fabric created by Dainese which is highly resistant to abrasion. Apart from that, we find other different textiles, according to offer the protection we need when we are riding the motorbike: 3D stone fabric inserts, designed for an optimum resistance to the wear, more resistant than the D-Shield fabric, and placed in critical areas in an event of a fall. We also find elastic inserts which offers a good flexibility on arms and legs and finally, there are bovine leather reinforcements in the knees area which will protect us from friction and the heat of the engine.

General view of the Dainese Ridder D1 Gore-Tex jacket and pants and also the Dainese Clutch Evo gloves and Dainese Latermar boots.

After the external D-Shield we find the Gore-Tex layer, integrated to the external fabric. Gore-Tex is a well-known fabric thanks to its high levels of air and water resistance, but also provides breathability, a detail that makes it better than the rest of products we can find on the market. We must to highlight that the external textile has a water-repellent treatment, so it is possible to make long journeys in the rain.
Inside the jacket we see a Sanitized perforated mesh fabric, which treatment avoid moisture and keeps the inside cool. Combined with this mesh, there is a sD Bubble fabric, which offers good touch and comfort and helps to isolate our body against the cold outside. The pants combine the same fabrics: Sanitized mesh fabric and 3D Bubble mesh.

The Gore-Tex liner is attached to the D-Shield fabric (left), so inside the jacket we just find the mesh and 3D Bubble fabrics (right).

Finally, pants and jacket have a removable lining, a padded winter jacket that we can remove or insert thanks to a mix of zippers and buttons. The main aim is to offer a good thermal protection to the inside. As a detail, the area of the neck also has a removable lining, fixed by buttons. This complement offers a great touch in that area.

The thermal inner is removable and also the neck protector.

The Ridder D1 jacket features a unique ventilation system, called Quick Shift. It is a simple but clever solution: there are two air inlets placed in the chest. These inlets can be opened and closed by a zipper system and a magnet will fix the flap opened to let the air in. As air outlets there are two exits placed on the back. In the pants there is the same ventilation system: two air inlets placed up to our tighs.

Detail of the ‘Quick Shift’ ventilation system of the pants Dainese Ridder D1.

The Dainese Ridder D1 jacket features internal protections which are removable thanks to Velcro unions. There are protections on elbows and forearms. The shoulder is specially reinforced with thermoformed external protectors with the Dainese logo. In the pants there are also internal protectors in the knees, also removable with a Velcro system, and Pro-Shape foam protections in the waist.
The Ridder D1 jacket has compartments for installing pectoral and dorsal protectors. These protectors are not included in the garment as standard, but are highly recommended products that increases our security.
Pockets and Adjustments
The Dainese Ridder D1 Gore-Tex garment use the “FAST” adjustment system, which is a combination of straps and buckles that adjust perfectly the textile suite to our body, avoiding the wind effects at hich speed.

Detail of the waist adjustment system and also the connection jacket-pants zipper of the Dainese Ridder D1 Gore-Tex.

The Dainese Ridder D1 Gore-Tex jacket has two front waterproof pockets and one rear-bag. There is also a pocket placed on the removable lining, with a Velcro closure. The reflective bands placed on external areas of the jacket and trousers  will improve the visibility in low light situations.

The pocket of the inner mesh is fully integrated to the jacket.


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