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Review: Dainese Super Rider, the most sportive jacket

Reviews and tests 9 June, 2015

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The Dainese Super Rider jacket looks to combine the perfect balance between total protection and a great freedom of movements. The result is a sporty and dynamic jacket which could be the upper part of a Valentino Rossis' suite.


We are in front of a very unusual leather jacket, so it combines different flexible textiles according to create a very dynamic jacket, that will help us to move when riding and also offering a better comfort and a greater position in each situation.

The main component is the D-Skin 2.0 leather, a premium leather more resistant than the cowhide. We also find the S1 textile, placed in those areas where is required more flexibility, like arms, elbows and some side areas. This textile has been created with elastomer with Cordura polyamide, so it offers greater comfort and also water resistant properties.

[peuFrontal view (left) and rear view (rights) of the Dainese Super Rider jacket.

There is a third element in the jacket; some flexible inserts. We find these components in two ways: one made as accordion panels and the other one with microelastic panels. The first ones are placed in the blades and the other ones are placed in the collarbone, back and elbows. These microelastic panels offer flexibility on those areas where we need great protection and an accordion panel would offer less protection.

We are in front of a very sportive jacket, so we find details like the aerodynamic hump, that indicates we are in the frontier between the road and the track. However, the jacket features street details, like the exterior pockets and reflective inserts in the arms and back, according to offer the visibility we need when the light is low.

Detail of the microelastic inserts on the Dainese Super Rider and its aerodynamic hump.


The interior of the jacket is completely microperforated and it is made with poliester thread called “Nanofeel”, a treatment with silver ions which offers antibacterial properties and also a greater durability and wash resistance that traditional jackets. On the back side we find a 3D Bubble textile that features a great touch, similar to a sponge, offering great ventilation and keeping away the moisture from the body.


We find a new protection in the elbows. There are removable TPU protectors, that will offer the maximum sportivity on the jacket. The slider is combined by a titanium protector. If we have a look to the shoulders, there are aluminium protectors with a TPU internal basis. But the main difference compared to other protectors is that we can move them a little according to receive a greater ventilation. This smart ventilation system offers a nice air entrance without designing many ventilation areas that can be harmful for us.

Detail of the elbow protector (left) and the two-position shoulder protector (right).

In the interior we find forearm protectors and two removable chest pritectors called “Double Chest”, which are included on the jacket. Both of them have been made with Thermoplastic Polyuretane (TPU) and with a sponge basis for an optimal touch. The Super Rider jacket does not include a back protector, but we can buy a Mannis, an N-Frame or a Wave back protector, so the jacket has a pocket specially designed for fitting these three types of back protectors.

Closures and other details

The main closure is a zipper that has a velcro adjustment on the upper area. There are other two zipper closures on the sleeves to adjust better the jacket to our wrist. On these areas there are velcro adjustments as well for a greater comfort. On the waist we find buttons adjustments that will fit the jacket perfectly on that area.

Detail of the external pockets and the adjustment buttons placed on the waist.

The Super Rider features a zipper closure that links to a Dainese pants, being the Delta Pro Evo C2 the pant which better fits with the jacket (on design and materials). The zipper has a flexible area according to offer greater elasticity when riding.The jacket also has a summer vented version, where there are microperforated leather panels.

Summarising, the most sporty jacket of Dainese is called Super Rider. It is a jacket that features the last technology and newest elements thanks to the I+D Dainese department, that ensures we are wearing the most exclusive motorcycle clothing



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