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Review: Dainese Super Speed D1, built for the track and the street

Reviews and tests 8 February, 2016

We analyze...

The Dainese Super Speed D1 is an high performance sporty leather jacket for those seeking uncompromising sportiness. The Super Speed D1 stands just under the ultrasport Dainese Super Rider jacket, a jacket that is "half" of a racing suit, meaning great sporty performances.

Materials and construction
The Dainese Super Speed ​​D1 is mainly built on D-Skin 2.0 leather. This is the second evolution of this leather, developed by Dainese, which is based in cowhide with a specific treatment, increasing the quality and the abrasion resistance. This is the best cowhide leather that can offer the Italian brand and is present in some of its professional suits for closed track use.
Along with D-Skin 2.0 leather is the S1 bi-elastic fabric. This material is present in the areas that require flexibility, such as the sleeves inner face, shoulders and neck zones.
In favor of this flexibility, we also find accordion leather panels in the shoulder blades and micro-elastic inserts around the chest and elbows. The latter are resilient channels that provide some flexion to the leather in those areas where this material presence is critical for our safety. And, of course, the Super Speed ​​D1 includes sporty details such as the aerodynamic hump.
The perforated Nanofeel brand liner is present throughout the interior. Thanks to its special treatment, the liner’s nanoparticles, featuring antibacterial properties, are able to minimize odors and improve breathability. Furthermore, also shows a better resistance to washin thans other innner linings. Complementing the Nanofeel liner, the Super Speed ​​D1 has a 3D Bubble liner in the back area. It is a padded interior designed to improve perspiration thanks to a 3D mesh construction that creates small air chambers that provide better insulation and temperature and perspiration regulating.
The Super Speed ​​D1 has inner rigid protections in elbows and shoulders, both removable. These protective compounds are certified by the EU, with an outer shell made of rigid plastic that resists impact and expanded HDPE material that distributes and absorbs any shock. Outside we find a co-injected shoulder with protective aluminum inserts with Dainese logo, complementing internal security protection.
There’re small reinforcements such as padded foam up to the biceps, which also increase security. Optionally, this jacket can be equipped with Wave G1 or G2 back protectors of the brand and also with the Dainese Double Chest protector thanks to the dedicated spaces inside lining, both with zipper pocket. Dainese does not include the back and the chest protector with the Super Speed ​​D1, but its purchase is highly recommended because it increases considerally our security.
Ventilation in the Super Speed ​​D1, but the brand has a version with perforated leather for those seeking high ventilation. However, in both versions we find two front zipper openings located between the shoulders and chest. The air is channeled inward to find the exit in a double rear opening, also with zipper closure.
Settings and closures
The main closure is a zipper with a strip of Velcro on the top. The Velcro is also present in waist fitting straps, and also in both cuffs there’s a combination of Velcro and a zipper for a perfect fit in this area. Inside also we find a conneting zipper for Dainese pants. Regarding pockets: there’re two external, both with zipper.
In short, the Dainese Super Speed ​​D1 is a radical sports jacket that is perfect for the road. The jackets pertains to the upper range of the brand thanks to the use of high quality materials, so that users can enjoy on the road materials derived from Dainese experience at tracks.

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  1. miron

    i want to buy this jacket in the same color my size in euro is 54
    and do you sand to israel
    thank you miron

    • Motocard

      Hello, how are you?

      Yes, we sent it to Israel. Through the web we send you the jacket with total guarantees.

      The size and color that you comment we have available.

      A greeting.