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Review: Dainese VR46 D1 jacket

Reviews and tests 10 December, 2014

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Dainese have wanted to make a special Edition of their popular D1 leather jacket dedicated to Valentino Rossi: the VR 46 D1 Pelle. Not only is it a special edition with the markings of the racer from Urbino, but here we find all of the quality provided by the standard D1, with some extra elements to make it even more sporty. 


The Dainese VR46 D1 is a sports cut leather jacket devised for spring, autumn or winter. Its exterior has 1.2 mm cowhide with S1 bioelastic fabric. This is a made to measure fabric for the brand’s more sporty products, consisting of elastomere covered in Cordura Polyamide. This translates into a stretch fabric with high mechanical resistance thus complementing the protection of the leather with comfort. To this end, and favouring a correct mobility, we find elastic inserts in the sides of the jacket, as well as in the sleeves, two essential points for good comfort on the go. Also, the VR46 D1 incorporates a new system of microelastic inserts, a novelty that Dainese is implementing in its latest models in order to complement the mobility of its products. Detail of the 46 logo inserted in the upper part of the back

Inside we find the NanoFodera lining of the Nanofeel brand, which incorporates 3D fabric inserts to guarantee optimum breathability. The fabric of this lining is made of bacteriostatic polyester, which not only improves the breathability, but also has anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties, as well as a greater resistance to wear and tear. On the back, the inside of the jacket is reinforced with 3D-Bubble fabric, whose name already indicates that its bubble form will better pad our back. 


The VR46 D1 has two external titanium protections placed on the shoulders, characteristic of the D1 jacket line of the brand and with the Dainese logo. These co-injected protections are devised for protecting against any possible abrasions, as well as maintaining the correct position of the shoulders at all times. All with a smaller volume than other shoulder protections available on the market.

Detail of the external titanium protection in the shoulder area

On the forearms, from the elbow to the wrist, we have a protection made of expanded polyethylene, a plastic composite that affords a certain deformability and memory, as well as resistance, such that it will adapt to our body better than other more rigid plastic protections.

There are two foam reinforcements on the upper part of the kidneys, elements not available in the conventional D1. The VR46 D1 is prepared for installing the brand’s Dual Chest protector.

Detail of the inner lining of the jacket and the space for installing the back protector


The VR46 D1 is a winter jacket, even though it is a leather garment. It affords good protection against the wind chill factor thanks to it not having microperforations in the leather. This converts it into a sports jacket that we can wear for most of the year, even in spring, autumn and winter.

The regulation of the ventilation is performed via two openings situated in the area of the chest. Both apertures are opened and closed via independent zips, which are fairly “hidden” by being integrated into the leather, such that the aerodynamic impact is minimised when closed and do not affect the aesthetics of the outfit.

Adjustments and fasteners.

The main fastener is a single zip and, in the neck area, the VR46 D1 has a double button fastener. To improve the fit of the jacket, this Dainese incorporates straps with buttons on the sides. The sleeves can also be adjusted, via a combination of zip and Velcro on the wrist. 

Detail of the sleeve’s finishing, with zip and Velcro adjustments

It has a jacket-trouser connecting zip, which complements the outfit with the Dainese D1 pants.

Other features

The VR46 D1 has two outer pockets on the sides and one inner one, situated on the right hand side of the chest, all closed via zips.

As regards visibility, there are two reflective inserts on the elbows, as well as the characteristic “Rossi Yellow” that helps increase the visibility of the jacket. 

Detail of the elbow area, with leather reinforcement and reflective inserts on the upper part

Definitively, the Dainese VR46 D1 is a sports jacket with an aggressive look that incorporates the colours of Valentino Rossi. It is a jacket designed for wearing most of the year and incorporates a great level of finishing, as well as offering excellent protection against eventual knocks. 


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